Cleaning up the Mac with Movavi Mac Cleaner


Over long time usage of your Mac product, be in Mac book, Imac or any other Apple computer, large amount of junk files will get accumulated which will result on loss of space for storage and your Apple system will be slow to use. Apart from the junk files there will be others files that are created while using any application but won’t be removed while uninstalling the application. These files will remain hidden from the user view. So users generally need good utility to remove these files. It is free to use that can be downloaded from the Movavi Website.

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Remembering Steve Jobs and the Mac

We’re coming up on the 30th anniversary of the Macintosh computer and a writer from Rolling Stone has uncovered the full transcript of an interview he conducted with Steve Jobs two months before the release of the computer. It’s classic Steve Jobs with some incredible quotes. Check it out.


Apple Floats Through a Tough Quarter

Apple is shining bright.Apple’s giving the recession the finger as they coast through their fiscal Q3 with massive earnings. Everyone expected them to post big earnings from new iPhone sales, but most folks put Mac in a slump. In fact, a lot of analysts expected the company as a whole to be down on last year’s earnings. Instead, Apple blew past last year’s figures to post some relatively impressive numbers.

One the whole, they’re up 13% over fiscal Q3 of last year. How’d they get there? Well, they sold 5.2 million iPhones this quarter, a solid 7 times what they sold in the same period last year. Overall you’re talking about a $1.23 billion net profit, compared to a meager $1.07 billion from last year.

Even the Mac line, where analysts predicted Apple would be slowest (and ineed they were) is up 4% in sales numbers over last year. Revenues from Mac are down 8 percent though, as the company lowered prices in this quarter to shore up sales in the face of competitive advertising and falling educational sales.

The company’s most impressive figure was their new iPhone/iPod touch installed base, which is sitting somewhere around 45 million. That’s a massive base for a wildly popular device, particularly in such a short period of time. And we can only expect that number to grow. Apple plans to have an iPhone in China within a year.

The letdown of this story? No appearance from Jobs, who has yet to show up publicly since his return. Granted, this was a conference call earnings report, but still, it would be nice to…hear him?

Source: Reuters


Macbook Catches An Update On the Sly

Apple Java!Looks like Apple is settling into its new school year stride by offering the ol’ notebook + free iPod combo. The education discount drops as much as $200 off your comp (if it’s a Macbook Pro). Just don’t forget to get online for your iPod rebate, or it’ll cost you the full 8GB Touch price of $229.

Alongside the education discount, Apple went stealthy with a few upgrades to the basic Macbook. The changes are small, but I’ll take what I can get, especially when it comes without a price increase. Changes are as follows:

2.0GHz processor -> 2.13GHz
667MHz RAM -> 800MHz RAM
120GB HDD -> 160GB HDD
4.5 battery life -> 5 hour battery life


Apple Rumor Roundup

iPhone 4GWired has a link to a rumor that the next generation iPhone will not be announced/released at the next WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference). This is a slight surprise but not totally unexpected. Instead, it goes on to say, is that WWDC will focus much more on the new Mac operating system OSX Snow Leopard, and the new iPhone OS 3.0. The new iPhone is coming, the question is when.

Two rumors from iClarified. First, the new iPhone OS may actually allow background apps. This could be accomplished by either Apple approving and allowing only certain apps to run in the background or the end user could enable a limited number of apps to run in the background. This is good news for iPhone owners.

Also from iClarified is the rumor that Best Buy already has the new iPhone in their system. What’s interesting to me is the 3 options available in the Best Buy system. I guess it could be 8GB black, 16GB back, and 16GB white but I’m hoping it’s something more than that. Perhaps 8, 16, 32GB or 16, 32GB and a nano??? Highly doubtful but a guy can dream, can’t he.