Cleaning up the Mac with Movavi Mac Cleaner


Over long time usage of your Mac product, be in Mac book, Imac or any other Apple computer, large amount of junk files will get accumulated which will result on loss of space for storage and your Apple system will be slow to use. Apart from the junk files there will be others files that are created while using any application but won’t be removed while uninstalling the application. These files will remain hidden from the user view. So users generally need good utility to remove these files. It is free to use that can be downloaded from the Movavi Website.

Cleaning up the Mac and other options

Once you have downloaded and installed the Mac Cleaner using the onscreen instructions, it is very easy to use. While you run it for the first time, it will scan all the directories and will show the hidden junk files and other unnecessary files in the screen. You can use the single click to remove these files completely from the Mac. If you do not want to scan entire Mac, you can choose to scan particular folder or directory to remove Cache files, Log files, trash bins, redundant files and files which are old and not used for long time.

What makes the Mac Cleaner a clear advantage over others is the security features it offer with this simple utility. Once you delete the files using shredder option, it will be overwritten with other information. So those files can’t be recovered even using best restoration software. Also it comes with a built in Virus protector which provides you round the clock protection for your Mac from Virus and other cyber threats which have become norm of the day.

Requirements for Mac Cleaner

Your Mac should be running with the OS X 10.7 or higher with 512 MB RAM and 1 GB disk space for operation. User must have administrator rights to install and run the cleanup. So ensure you have proper user rights before you download the software in to computer. Even though Mac does not have any registry like computer running Windows, it is still require cleanup and protection from Cyber threats in order to keep it up in healthy state. Mac Cleaner is an easy usable utility that provides multiple options over the other products. Most of the Clean up utilities for Mac does not have any option to protect the system against the virus and other threats. Also there is no secure delete option available with them which make the data vulnerable as anyone can recover the data using good restoration software. So this option makes the Mac cleaner clear leader among the competition.


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