Ways to Access Outlook 365

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Outlook presented by Office 365 implements Exchange connection protocol. The client configuration or access can be achieved through Web Client. Office 365 will help you manage the email account in the best possible way. You will be able to create message, send message, forward, format and save message in a very efficient way. Various folder permissions can be granted and it is possible to maintain contacts and personal groups. Message options can be customized and various operations can be performed by using Outlook 365.

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What to make of Facebook’s new messaging system

Zuckerberg speaking this week.Earlier this week Mark Zuckerberg held a press conference to announce a new messaging service. I say service because it’s not the email program that everyone was expecting. That’s part of the package, but it’s a small part and an optional one.

This new system is actually about conglomerating all of your message services – email, SMS, chat – in one place. The big issue, as Facebook sees it, is that we have too many places to look for our text-based communication with one another. By building the system into Facebook, Zuckerberg hopes Facebook can become your complete social hub for the web.

It’s more than that, though. While working on this project, Zuckerberg talked to high school students about the way they’re using email. Turns out, they aren’t. It’s too formal, which I can totally understand. I can get upwards of a hundred emails a day, and that’s a far cry from the deluge that other tech professionals will see. I don’t need to see, “Hi Jeff,” or “Hello Jeff,” or “Jeff, how are you today?” from promoters and marketers or even my coworkers. I need information, and I prefer that it’s short and to the point.

Zuckerberg is obviously pointing at the end of email, or at least the kind of formal, subject-line message system we understand as email today. He can’t say that, though, if only because he’s Mark Zuckerberg.


This guy has the world’s longest…email address

Longest email address.Of all the things in the world to be able to lay claim to as “the longest,” email addresses probably wouldn’t be the first to jump to your mind. For Peter Craig, though, it’s a badge of honor. He currently holds the URDB (Universal Record Database) World Record for the longest email address at 345 characters. Here’s the full address:


Why you would want such a thing is completely beyond me, and this is probably the easiest WR to own. Want to beat Peter? Buy a domain, make an absurd subdomain, and voila! Three hundred and forty-six characters here I come.

Source: Laughing Squid


Peek adds Twitter support with TwitterPeek

The Peek now with Twitter support.I’m not sure why Peek decided to make a device specifically for Twitter users but it did, and the thing is finally for sale at Amazon. The TwitterPeek adds nationwide Twitter access to the standard email/texting device for all those Twitter users who don’t currently have a smartphone. The device runs $99 with 6 months of included service or $199 for unlimited lifetime service.

The unlimited plan sounds alright, but even feature phones are starting to add Twitter service, so it seems a bit redundant to carry around yet another device for the simple service. If you need Twitter that badly, just upgrade your current plan or get a limited plan on a smartphone. It’s really not so big a price difference.