Ways to Access Outlook 365

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Outlook presented by Office 365 implements Exchange connection protocol. The client configuration or access can be achieved through Web Client. Office 365 will help you manage the email account in the best possible way. You will be able to create message, send message, forward, format and save message in a very efficient way. Various folder permissions can be granted and it is possible to maintain contacts and personal groups. Message options can be customized and various operations can be performed by using Outlook 365.

Web access

Through the web access option, the email can be accessed from any PC or mobile phone. The internet connection is mandatory to accomplish the task. You should understand the fact that the behavior of the new Outlook presented by Office 365 is different from ‘Microsoft Outlook 2010’ or 2013.

The following steps should be performed to access Outlook for business:

• Open the web browser
• Go to Office 365 sign-in
• If your email ends with @outlook.com, @hotmail.com, @live.com, or @msn.com, you should visit Outlook.com
• If you are using corporate Exchange-based mail and do not use Office, 365, the web address should be access from the person who manages IT operations for the company. If your company name goodwill, you might want to sign-in from https://mail.goodwill.com, to access your email.

Automatic account setup

If you launch the Outlook after setting up, ‘Auto Account Wizard’ will be launched automatically.

The following steps should be performed for automatic setup:

• Open Outlook
• Choose next on the ‘Auto Account Wizard’
• Choose Next->Add Account on email Accounts page
• Enter name, mail address, password on ‘Auto Account Setup’ page and click next
• Click ‘Finish’

Manual setup

If the automatic setup fails, you can setup the mail account manually. For Outlook 2016, manual setup for Exchange account cannot be done. You should contact your administrator to guide you in this respect.

If you migrate to Office 2016 from previous versions and fail to sign in, you should configure ‘Autodiscover Service’.

• Select ‘Manual setup’ or ‘additional server type’ and click Next
• Type of account should be selected and click next
• Fill the information (username, secret code, type of account, incoming server, outgoing server, username and password).
• Choose ‘Test account settings’ to verify the information
• Choose Next-> Finish

If you manage Office 365 for business or Exchange account, you will be able to see POP, IMAP settings for ‘Outlook 365 for businesses’ both for incoming server and outgoing server.
If you are using any other account, you should contact your administrator or your ISP’s help desk to get relevant information.

If the test is not completed successfully while verifying the information, you should choose ‘More Settings’. The administrator will make additional changes and you will be able to enter specific ports for incoming server such as POP3 or IMAP and outgoing server such as SMTP.

If you would like to add Gmail version to Outlook, the Gmail account should be prepared to connect to Outlook and Microsoft Office 365.


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