Anyone else experiencing the iOS 4 Mail bug?

iOS 4.If you are, you know what I’m talking about. I don’t even have to say it. For those who don’t know, the Mail app in iOS 4 has been loading ghost messages – emails with no sender, no subject, and no content – instead of the real deal. In some cases the message takes up space on the screen, but the cell reads “This message contains no content.”

In my own experience, the emails also have strange dates – 12/31/69 in most cases. It’s a really annoying bug, so bad that I went back to using regular old mobile Gmail. Apparently, though, deleting the email account and then reapplying it will fix the bug. You may have also noticed that you could access another folder – your Trash for instance – and then return to your Inbox to find things properly loaded.


Peek adds Twitter support with TwitterPeek

The Peek now with Twitter support.I’m not sure why Peek decided to make a device specifically for Twitter users but it did, and the thing is finally for sale at Amazon. The TwitterPeek adds nationwide Twitter access to the standard email/texting device for all those Twitter users who don’t currently have a smartphone. The device runs $99 with 6 months of included service or $199 for unlimited lifetime service.

The unlimited plan sounds alright, but even feature phones are starting to add Twitter service, so it seems a bit redundant to carry around yet another device for the simple service. If you need Twitter that badly, just upgrade your current plan or get a limited plan on a smartphone. It’s really not so big a price difference.