They Still Haven’t Built a Better Mousetrap, But Logitech Has Built a Better Mouse

I remember my old computer science teacher telling me that the computer mouse is a handicap. Her theory was that since so many features can be accomplished quicker using keyboard hotkeys, relying on a mouse to navigate your digital world was only for technologically illiterate people who don’t have a working knowledge of keyboard shortcuts. Now while she was clearly pretty hardcore in her beliefs, I’ve got to admit that I do find myself thinking back to that theory when I use a computer, as I catch myself more and more often not relying on the mouse as a default.

There is, of course, one notable exception. As well designed as Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo have made their controllers over the years, there is still no gaming controller that can compete with the mouse and keyboard set up. It’s the perfect marriage. The keyboard’s comfortable and familiar array of buttons allows for a wide range of features literally at your fingertips, while the mouse provides a level of fluidity and pixel perfect accuracy that no console controller could ever hope to match.

Now accessory mainstay Logitech may have made the mouse even more useful to gaming. That’s because their new G600 gaming mouse takes some of the functionality away from the keyboard, and gives it back to the mouse, just where my old teacher always said it belonged. Equipped with 20 buttons (and a “G switch” that can double button functionality) this mouse was specifically designed to allow MMO gamers to easily access hot key features. Generally though, this little gadget is useful for all types of genres, especially RPGs and RTS games that also rely heavily on quick key access. Not to mention it boasts the extreme durability, rapid movement speed, and pinpoint accuracy you would expect from a gaming mouse, as well as vanity features like customizable color LED color schemes for the buttons and tracking.

Now, this mouse hardly breaks new ground in the field of gaming mice, as various models over the years have featured available buttons before. What I do love about this one, though, is the overall design Logitech has implemented. Not only does it look slick and smooth, and boasts stats that compete with some of best mice available, but unlike some other, similar gaming mice, this one actually looks like it was designed for human hands. Plus considering how I just cleaned house during the Steam Summer Sale, I’m starting to consider the G600s somewhat hefty $79.99 price tag an investment.


Logitech Revamps The G5 And Adds A Behind-The-Head Gaming Headset

The Logitech G500.In a press release that is absolutely rife with ridiculous allegories between gaming and physical battle, Logitech announced two new products today. When you’ve got “sweat on your brow, and it’s way too late to turn back,” or “when victory is on the line,” you’ll soon be able to thank your new mouse and headset for pulling you through tough times.

The new mouse is a revamp of the current G5, an industry standard for hardcore gamers. The new mouse, dubbed the G500, has most of the updates you would expect with a new mouse. They’ve reshaped the body for more support, added on-the-fly dpi adjustment, and given the mouse a “battle-worn” makeover so your disheveled appearance will look marginally less like you crawled out of your basement for the first time and more like you crawled out of Castle Wolfenstein’s basement…where there was a computer…with a really neat mouse. The coolest part of the mouse is that it comes with 27 grams of weight that you can add or remove from the body to fine tune the feel of your mouse. That’s actually one of my pet peeves in finding a new mouse – most are just way too light.

The Logitech G330.Logitech claims to be releasing an industry first with the new adjustable, behind-the-head headset, the G330. The band behind your ears can be adjusted for a custom fit and the new phones feature a silicone headband and pivoting ear pads for improved comfort. At the core of the headband is a steel spring design to “withstand the wear and tear of furious battle,” better known as a trip across the room when that 14-year-old wipes your raid again. You’ll also get inline volume control and microphone muting.

The new gear has separate release dates. You can get the headphones later this month for $50 and the G500 in September for $70.

Source: Business Wire