The joy of old computers

It would be pretty cool to find a computer this old and start playing the games again!


3 Amazing Tips Gamers Need To Know To Avoid Back Injuries


Gaming can be painful. You may not think it at first, but avid gaming causes extreme wear and tear on your body, especially if you’re not outfitted with a gaming setup designed to reduce the risk of injury. Carpal tunnel, eye strain, and back pain are some of the most common game-related injuries you can face. The human body wasn’t meant to spend hours and hours sitting at a desk and you could be doing irreparable damage unless you’re taking care of yourself. It’s not that you need to give up gaming. You just need to be smart about taking care of your body to prevent injury.

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Where Gaming Began


Gaming Technology was born in 1940, when associate research director and nuclear physicist Dr Edward Uhler Condon designed an electromechanical machine which played the ancient strategy and numbers game of Nim, and displayed it at the New York World Fair.

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Best broadband for online gaming?


Are you a gamer? Well, if you answered with a yes to that question then I guess you understand the struggle that comes with trying to decide what broadband to buy when it comes to your gaming experience. Let’s be honest, it is now 2017, and there is now a whole range of different broadband choices to choose from when it comes to gaming. As I said before we are in 2017 and this means online gaming has become more competitive and this means people are going to want to play the game as smoothly as possible. Below I am going to detail the best broadband deals when it comes to online gaming.

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Mobile gaming drives mobile phone features


Mobile gaming is where it’s at right now and as a result ‘phone companies have been forced to keep up with the demand for excellent visual and aural quality by producing mobiles that can match the increasing quality of available games. With so many options out there it can be difficult to ascertain which mobile is best for your particular genre of game, and first person shooter games may require something a little different than casino games and slots. So how do you know which ‘phone is the right one for your needs? We’ve made things a whole lot easier for you by researching current models and compiling a list of the top gaming mobiles available right now.

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