Some Kids Were Just Better With Legos Than Others

Let it be known that when the technological hall of fame is built (no doubt by our future robotic overlords), I’d like to nominate Legos as a first ballet entrant.

Sure they aren’t as flashy or “capable” as say your iPhone, but ever since 1949, they’ve been a tool for innovative minds to hone, and show off, their skills through, as well as a consistent source of amusement that has managed to evolve and adapt with the changing world.

While new and exciting Lego creations routinely make the internet rounds, there are a couple fresh ones I had to share today.

First is this amazing “Fallout 3” Pipboy 3000 recreation from Lego aficionado Simon Liu.

Equipped with built in status screen, and functioning knobs and lights, the Lego Pipboy’s design is impressive, and immediately recognizable, but the ace in the hole is the built in FM radio, tuned to the Wasteland’s favorite DJ Three Dog in the demonstration, that takes this invention from “oh cool” to “holy crap” on the Lego creation scale. Further bonus style points are awarded for the “retro meets future” design the device has, which sums up the entire “Fallout” style nicely.

No details on how to make one are currently available, but considering I used to have trouble make even a paltry Lego house, that may be moot.

Of course, in terms of items from the “never be able to build it in a million years” school of Legos, the next design is even greater.

That machine takes the previously simple task of creating and launching a paper plane, and turns it into an automated mass production device that is the envy of any second grader. Constructed by Lego Mindstorms user hknssn13 with almost 7000 Lego bricks, and a few NXT model “smart” Legos for the automated parts, the almost 5 foot long creation builds and launches the perfect paper airplane every time.

No word yet on whether a rubber band launcher of the same design is in the works but, considering the offensive potential of that device, that information may be classified.


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