Orb Audio brings quality sound to a modular system

orb-speakersNot many of us have a couple thousand dollars to throw down on a new audio rig, so building our dream speaker systems means piecing it together over some time, often buying low to mid quality substitutes for certain components. There are a few modular systems out there, but most of them require that you sacrifice sound quality for expandability. Orb Audio aims to change that, offering a modular system that looks good and by nearly every account sounds great, all at an affordable price.

Now I’ve not yet had a chance to hear an Orb system, but the reviews I’ve seen have been good and the installed locations are pretty impressive. Orb Audio systems are featured in a couple Wired stores in New York, were chosen for the Guitar Center Artist’s Lounge, and have picked up a couple CES awards along the way.

You can pick up a basic Orb system from the company website – the only place you can purchase – for $549. A typical theater system will run $800-$1300 while premium system will push toward a few grand. That’s a good bit cheaper than many systems, especially considering the reviews that put the system in the company of B&W.

If there’s one thing that might scare potential Orb customers off it’s the unique design. Though the speakers are available in a wide variety of finishes, the shape is very modern and might scare off a few significant others. There’s also the fact that you can’t go just anywhere and listen to these things. The company has a 30-day trial, but you’ll need enough faith in reviews to get involved in it. I’m hoping my schedule slows down enough in the next couple weeks that I can review a loaner set for you guys. Until then, think about giving Orb a shot if you’re in the market for a modular system.