Swine flu app puts panic in your hands

HMS Mobile Swine Flu app.It’s hard to say just how I feel about the new app from Harvard Medical School, called the Swine Flu Center. On the one hand, it’s certainly important to keep the public educated about H1N1. As a national emergency level virus, people should know what they’re up against. Are outbreak maps on our phone the best way to do that? Maybe not.

The new application is part of Harvard Medical School’s mobile initiative to get people educated about current medical issues. At $1.99 it’s pretty cheap, and certainly has a lot to offer. The app has videos, diagnostic tips, prevention tips, and an interactive symptom checker.

As with any interactive medical tool, make sure you’re talking to a physician before making rash decisions. These are guidelines, people, guidelines. Let’s not freak out.

Source: TechCrunch