Get ready for Coronavirus apps

businessman with smart phone

As we struggle to find ways to re-open the economy and get people back to work during this Coronavirus pandemic, we’re starting to see technology and health companies explore ways to make this transition easier and limit the spread of the virus.

Microsoft and UnitedHealth are now working together to offer companies free app to screen employees for Coronavirus. The app will set up various protocols for health screenings and testing for employees depending on their role. This customization by employee role should make the app much more effective than a “one size fits all” approach.

The availability and reliability of tests is still a big issue as we try to ramping up wide-scale workplace testing, but this app will help companies target their resources. The apps are also designed to entice customers to return to restaurants and stores by “ensuring wait staff and clerks are infection-free.” That seems overly optimistic. There is no complete assurance. But this could make customers feel more comfortable that a process is in place to minimize risk.


Swine flu app puts panic in your hands

HMS Mobile Swine Flu app.It’s hard to say just how I feel about the new app from Harvard Medical School, called the Swine Flu Center. On the one hand, it’s certainly important to keep the public educated about H1N1. As a national emergency level virus, people should know what they’re up against. Are outbreak maps on our phone the best way to do that? Maybe not.

The new application is part of Harvard Medical School’s mobile initiative to get people educated about current medical issues. At $1.99 it’s pretty cheap, and certainly has a lot to offer. The app has videos, diagnostic tips, prevention tips, and an interactive symptom checker.

As with any interactive medical tool, make sure you’re talking to a physician before making rash decisions. These are guidelines, people, guidelines. Let’s not freak out.

Source: TechCrunch