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Gaming on PC – Mobile – Download and Flash games are all here for the people who want to be able to experiment with different online gaming platforms. Some people prefer playing games on their mobile devices, but mobile devices really have not managed to replace all other devices today. Some people still prefer using their desktops instead of their mobile devices or even their laptops. They might feel more safe and secure when they use their desktops and sit at home compared to when they use their mobile devices in public. Other people might not have access to mobile devices and they still might be using their old desktops or laptops.

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Casino Players Prefer Bigger Mobile Displays

iPhone 6 side view

When Apple announced the launch of their new so-called ‘phablet’ device – the iPhone 6 Plus – the mobile technology world took a deep breath then gasped phrases like ‘It’s huge – no one will buy it’ and ‘Why not just have an iPad?’ However, despite these naysayers and their publicly announced doubts, sales of the iPhone 6 Plus have been much better than predicted…even by Apple. This could be due to the rise in popularity of mobile games and, in particular, mobile casino games. The large 5.5” display is perfect for graphic-rich games and it is ideal for video slots and live dealer mobile casino games.

Smartphones and Tablets to Overtake Consoles

According to report undertaken by research specialists, Newzoo, which was recently published in the Guardian newspaper, mobile games will generate greater revenue than games for consoles during 2015. The report predicts that mobile giant, Apple will generate double the revenue of the world famous console games provider, Nintendo next year. Much of this growth can be fairly attributed to the rise in popularity of large-screen mobile devices like the iPhone 6 Plus, which allow for a more in-depth and engaging mobile experience.

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