iPhone 4 impressions

My new iPhone showed up in the hands of a sweaty FedEx guy (it’s 100 degrees here today) right around 1PM and I’ve been playing with it ever since. The short version of this post, like so many other iPhone 4 posts, is this: The iPhone 4 is exactly what a smartphone should be – fast, (reasonably) flexible, and functional.

The first thing I noticed out of the box is the build. It feels so much more solid than the 3GS in your hand. It feels thin but heavy, like you’re holding something important, which is about how it should feel. Gone is the plastic from the back of the 3GS and in its place is a solid piece of glass – the same piece that graces the front. The volume buttons feel sturdy, as does the hold switch (a welcome change from the 3GS hold switch, which feels like it’s on the verge of breaking every time I flick it). I also love that the phone now sits flat on my desk.

The next thing to catch my eye was the screen. Dear god it is beautiful. You can appreciate the difference between the two immediately, but you really start to understand the difference when you look at the smaller details. When I installed iOS 4 on my 3GS I was excited, but I was a little underwhelmed by some of the display features. In folders, for instance, many of the app icons look blurry and out of focus. Not so on the iPhone 4. Icons look just as crisp within the folder as they do on any of your app screens.

The iPhone 4 is fast. A lot faster than the 3GS it seems, most likely because of the RAM upgrade from 256MB to 512MB. That’s especially nice with the fast app-switching in iOS 4. The faster processor also allows you to pull off the 720p video recording that now comes standard. Video looks great, as do stills, running through the new 5 megapixel camera, which added a flash.

Call quality has been improved with the addition of a noise-canceling secondary microphone. I haven’t yet been able to test FaceTime but as soon as I can I’ll post some more impressions.

If you’re on the fence about the new iPhone, get to an Apple store and play with one. Though I knew I wanted one, I couldn’t appreciate the new feature set until I actually saw it. Now, I’m in love.

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No new iPhone 4s until June 29th

If you were planning to pop by your local AT&T store to pick up an iPhone 4 on launch day, take the morning to get some extra sleep instead. AT&T will not have extra stock on hand for launch day as was initially thought.

The first batch of stock phones won’t be available until June 29th, when it will be sold on a first-come, first-serve basis. This is just for AT&T, though, so you might have a shot at the new handset at a Best Buy or Apple retail store.

Here’s the official word from AT&T:

• Retail purchase (no preorder): AT&T plans to have iPhone 4 inventory – available on a first-come, first-served basis while supplies last – on June 29 in its retail locations, at www.att.com, and in business sales channels. As inventory sells out, AT&T will offer the convenient option of purchasing iPhone 4 and having it delivered to a home or business or an AT&T store. As always, customers will receive an email once their order is placed, and again when it ships.

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iPhone 4 to deliver one day early on June 23rd [updated]

I got an email early Tuesday morning, apparently from Apple, advising me that the iPhone 4 would be arriving a day early, on June 23rd. The email also stated that my FedEx information may show a different date, but that I should expect the package on the 23rd.

I am a little wary of this, as it seems an odd thing for Apple to do. As far as I can tell, the email looks legit, but I will remain speculative until I can confirm that it’s authentic.

UPDATE: Looks like this is indeed the case. Users all around the web are reporting receiving the same email. It looks like Apple and AT&T may be trying to reduce server load for the launch of the iPhone 4. Whatever the reason, I’ll have an iPhone 4 tomorrow, and I’m pretty happy about it!


iPhone lines are already forming

iPhone 4 guy in Dallas.

There’s at least one guy so pumped about the iPhone launch next Thursday that he’s already in line. And get this, he pre-ordered.

His name is Justin and he stopped by the MacRumors forums to let everyone know why he’s such a fanatic.

Some would say I am crazy, but I say I’m a very determined fan. In fact I just might be one the biggest Apple fans you will actually meet. I have been the first costumer for this store since 2008 when the iPhone 3G was released.
Normally I only camp out over night, but since I do not work due to the fact I am disabled with a seizure disorder and I am not in school at the point, I figure I just make it a fun experience and do it for a week.

Yes I did reserve a phone, but again, I’m doing it for a fun experience. I haven’t had a trip or vacation in past 10 years so I figured I make it a full week camping trip.

My setup and location has everything I could need to live for a week, even in the Texas heat. Tent is packed with a sleeping gear, a chair, full ice chest of drinks and food, and the Apple staff have been very nice to me treating me like a king. LOL I also brought a extension power cord for phone charging and things that need power. There is even a portable toilet around the back of the store if needed.

That been said, I’m actually doing really well out here. If anyone gets a chance, come join the fun!


I’d say you’re crazy, Justin. Super, super crazy.

Source: Dallas News