Charge Your Gadgets On the Go With the Mobile Power Case


If you read our Valentine’s Day gift guide over on Bullz-Eye, then you may recall reading about a clever device called the Everpurse, which could charge the woman in your life’s favorite gadgets, while pulling double duty as a stylish purse.

It was such a cool device, in fact, that it may have had you contemplating if there is in fact a manly way to carry around a purse.

While the answer is of course a resounding no, don’t let that discourage you since the good people at RichardSolo have crafted a less gender discriminating charging bag in the Mobile Power Case.


The set up is pretty simple, as inside the case is two small pockets that perfectly fit a phone or similar device, while a larger compartment is available for your tablet. To charge your devices, you simply hook up the appropriate cables to the included battery pack, and you’ve got a mobile charging carrier for your favorite devices.

While not near as clever, and slightly more cumbersome, than the Everpurse’s design, this device is still perfect for the tech head on the go, and for tablet owners is especially useful when looking for a versatile carrier.

So if you’re tired of reaching for a dead device every time, consider grabbing the Mobile Power Case while it’s on sale for around $85 until the 27th, or snagging it for the usual $99.95, at RichardSolo’s website.


Thanks to This Device, You Can Cut Your Own Hair Without any of the Mockery


Whether it be the suspicious prices, the forced conversations (or awkward silences depending on your barber), or the odd social phenomena that is staring at yourself in a mirror while a stranger runs their fingers through your hair, men have plenty of reasons to not like going to get a haircut.

Much like the dentist though, it’s just one of those unpleasant things that you have to suck up and get through every once in a while, especially since the act of cutting your own hair is usually only associated with comically bad hairstyles and behind the back laughter.

However, in case you’ve forgotten, we do live in an age where everything that once was suddenly no longer has to be and, thanks to a little gizmo called the single handed barber, that may now include the stigma surrounding self-haircuts.

The single handed barber is an electric hand held rotary cutter that promises to give you a clean and even cut, with no more effort than it would take to comb your hair. Thanks to separate attachments, you can get cuts at 1/8”, 1/4”,1/2”, or 3/8” lengths, and the rechargeable battery works for five minutes with a 16 hour charge (though a plug in option is available).

While you probably won’t be able to use this device to fashion that mohawk you’ve always wanted, as long as you don’t mind trusting your hair to something that looks like the little cousin of a Roomba, the single handed barber might just be the perfect $60 solution for those times when you need a trim, and really want to skip the barber.


Father’s Day: Facts and Figures

Father’s day is the day where you put your best foot forward and try to find something your dad will really like to have as a gift or spend his day doing. Some dads are really into sports, some are really into fashion (believe it or not) and some are motor-heads. With over $11,000,000,000 dollars spent yearly on Father’s day gifts, it’s a huge industry and because of that, there is a ton of data surrounding it.

The infographic below shares some interesting information regarding what consumers go with when they’re looking for the absolute perfect Father’s day gifts. Take a look (Click the image for a full-size view).