Driving on Eggshells


Automobile and truck tires are made up of a few dozen materials but the main three are: natural rubber, synthetic rubber and carbon-black. Let’s look at the sources of these three primary materials.

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Ike’s Brakes

What does it take to stop a 1950s, four-ton limousine that just so happens to be carrying the leader of the free world? If you answered “good brakes,” you’d be right. And, there’s quite a story behind the brakes on the Chrysler limousine used by president Dwight (Ike) Eisenhower. You might say that Ike’s preference for Chryslers had a profound effect on the design of automotive brakes throughout the World.

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About Daytime Running Lights

2 2014-Chevrolet-Corvette-045

Have you noticed the secondary strings of lights that embellish the headlights of a lot of the new cars today? Sometimes they are just a single point of light but many form interesting illuminated patterns that swoop around a vehicle’s main headlights. The automotive industry calls these additional lights “daytime running lights” (DRLs) and they are becoming very popular.

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Heads Up Displays for Cars

Heads Up Displays, or HUDs, are common in fighter aircraft. They display graphical information in front of a pilot while they looking through the windshield of their aircraft. It allows a pilot to focus on the view outside their aircraft yet see graphical information that would normally be viewed on other instruments in the cockpit. This is especially important during critical military flight situations where rapid assimilation of data is important – think dogfights.

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4 Awesome Accessories for Your Set of Wheels

I’m not talking about cliché bumper stickers, antenna toppers, or those family member decals on the back of minivans. I’m talking about cool, useful, entertaining items, some of which you may not have even known existed. Check out these awesome accessories and discover what’s out there!

Ram Drink Cup Mount


Okay, sure, this isn’t the most high-tech accessory in the world, but it’s definitely a handy contraption that can allow your drink to actually be in reach. According to the Ram Mounts website, the accessory can even be used on motorcycles, ATVs, and riding lawn mowers, so any time you need a refreshing beverage, it can be conveniently located and ready for drinking. Avoid a car crash, and keep your auto insurance rates down with this great gadget.

Drivemocion EX Series LED Car Sign


This gem of an accessory might not be legal and every state (so check up on that), but it’s pretty awesome. Attach it to your rear window and control what displays from a remote by the driver’s seat. You can communicate with the people driving behind you with a choice of 16 messages, including, “Sorry,” “Back off,” and “Have a nice day.” Now you can thank that angel from heaven who let you merge onto the highway. Thank you, kind soul. Thank you.

OnStar FMV


Now anyone can experience the benefits of OnStar with the For My Vehicle version that was designed as a rearview mirror and can be installed into cars from any company, according to Time. With this style of OnStar, you’ll still have features like automatic crash response, the ability to call for emergency help with the push of a button, and access to advisors who can help when you need roadside assistance.

Anti-Theft Chair


Fingerprint scanners exist, but a whole new realm of identification has been discovered and may be implemented in the coming years. Shigeomi Koshimizu created a chair that can use the identification of someone’s butt when they sit to then allow actions like turning on a car. The use of pressure points allows the device to make this determination, so security has reached a whole new level of weird.


Whether the accessories help you drink a soda or prevent car theft, there are dozens of devices and gadgets out there that can make driving more convenient, more expressive, and more secure. Think about what you might want for your car and look it up — it might already exist!