The Best Mobile Applications For The Latest Mobile Releases

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The best mobile applications have been released for modern mobile gamers and people looking to utilize convenient web applications. Remodel your office and give yourself a mobile platform by taking Microsoft Word, Excel, Google Calendar and other web based office products and keeping them close at hand or rather, on your mobile device.

Through our team of talented expert professionals, we have discovered that there really are mobile applications we should have to be forced t live without. Even having to go a day without is pure torture, so we have decided there is absolutely nothing wrong with having modern day tech in our lives on a regular basis. If we had to choose, we would say the following apps are the best and compatible with all modern mobile releases.


If you have Chromecast or you often travel from destination to destination and use your mobile to mirror screen movies, you will want to download the Netflix application, especially if you have an account with the movie streaming service. The latest smart devices are compatible with the application so you needn’t spend hours trying to troubleshoot any issues.


Just as Netflix works for both Android and iOS, Luminary replicated the look, feel and purpose of the application however, it has been designed exclusively for Android. The difference with this application is that you can also listen to your favourite podcasts and there is loads of content to choose from. It is the King of podcast streaming.


As far as music goes, Deezer is coming up in the world and is now officially one of the best applications to stream your music from. The premium version is wholly affordable and you have access to hundreds of thousands of songs, a song identifier, favourite tracks and more. It is an absolute treasure and has even been incorporated to FitBit trackers for the ultimate convenience experience.

Google Photos

Never worry about manually backing up your images again. Google photos automatically syncs your photos to its own cloud where you will have direct access to all saved images. Should you accidentally delete a photo, no problem! Go directly to your Google Photo’s application and open it to reveal the deleted photo. The only time you will ever lose a photo again is if you delete it in the Google Photo’s application.

Google Maps

Again Google has outdone themselves by giving public transport users, drivers and even pedestrians a means of navigating their way from their location to their destination. A great new feature includes the ability to download the maps so that if your data connection is lost, you still have access to the maps allowing you to find your way home no matter the situation.

To be honest, our expert geeks with an obsession for modern gadgets couldn’t settle all of their ‘must have’ applications on this list. Modern technology has allowed for us to enjoy the best of absolutely everything right from our mobile devices.


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