Want to Know the Best Way to Win the Fight Against those Extra Pounds?

So let’s say you have several thousand dollars readily available to spend without worry, and you’ve been hoping to train in secret to shock everyone with your badass fighting skills for the next time you are forced into conflict, or presented the opportunity for a conflict, while out on the streets.

If so…well you’re probably Batman.

But even if you’re not, you will still love the Nexersys Home Boxing unit, which represents the ultimate in at home MMA or boxing training tools. It sports seven strike pads with integrated sensors that all feed to the built in monitor, which is the real highlight of the device. The monitor not only keeps track of your normal workout statistics like calories, history, and time, but more unit specific figures such as striking power and strike count, and also provides unique gaming workouts like digital avatar sparring.

While the undisputed heavyweight champion of fighting training equipment, as mentioned the Nexersys is only meant for those with serious on hand pocket change, as the basic unit will set you back $2,995, and the much sturdier professional model with a larger screen runs an impressive $6,995.

Of course can you really put a price on something that will put you on the path to becoming the next caped crusader, or at least living the ultimate man fantasy of delivering that perfect right hook in bar fight just once?


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