New iPod Touch face has a spot for FaceTime

iPhone 4th gen screen.MacRumors has pictures of what could very well be the screen and bezel from the new iPod Touch. The most notable feature you can see is the little pinhole near the top that looks to be the spot for a FaceTime camera.

None of this is really exciting, considering we already knew that FaceTime would be moving to non-iPhone devices some time this year and that it would start relying on email addresses instead of phone numbers to connect users. From what we know so far, it looks like the fourth-generation Touch could be on track for a september release.


iPod Update – The Nano 5G

The iPod Nano Color Wheel.This here is the official low-down on all the changes to the iPod Nano for its 5th generation. Apple added a whole lot of functionality to what was once a simple, thin MP3 player and its (Apple) grooming the device to a run at the portable video camera market. With Flip in its sights, Apple hopes the Nano will be the world’s new favorite portable cam.

The body of the Nano 5G is pretty similar to the last model. The screen did get a bump from 2 inches to 2.2 inches, and the finish is a much shinier anodized aluminum. Oh yeah, there’s also that little camera on the back, but more on that later. The new Nano comes in two models, an 8GB and a 16GB, at $149 and $179, respectively.

Within the Nano’s slim and trim body, Apple added all sorts of goodies, the most notable of which is a video camera. It’s that itty bitty lens you see on the bottom-left of the device if you’re looking at the back. The camera is capable of shooting video at a 640×480 resolution, which are then stored as .mp4 files with h.264 video compression and AAC audio. Unfortunately, the cam doesn’t take still photos. The tech is definitely not something to write home about, and as much as Apple would like the addition of a camera to kill the Flip, I just don’t see it happening. The tech is just too far behind the Flip for the current price.

The other problem I see with the Nano is camera placement. I don’t know if Apple hired a bunch of lefty industrial designers, but someone should have changed this. Granted, it’s probably a space issue – the camera and the screen can’t coexist at the top of the device – but every right-handed person that touches one of these things will have the same complaint: my hand is always in the frame. There’s just no way around it. It’s the natural place for a righty to grab a device of that size.

The camera brings us to the next addition: the microphone. Again, awesome to be able to record video with audio on such a tiny device. Again, terrible mic placement. The ability to record voice memos is great, but gets quickly diminished by the sound of my index finger rubbing over the mic as I talk. The bottom of the device is the natural place to put your hand – hell, that’s where the controls are – so why put the mic right where my hand will always be? Stupid.

Among the smarter things Apple did in the update was add a radio. Yes, there’s an iPod with an FM tuner. Crazy, no? The tuner does require a headset to work, but it works well and has some cool features. The radio app retrieves RDS info, allows you to pause and rewind, and you can even tag songs. Plugging the Nano into your computer will take you to the iTunes location for songs you’ve tagged.

Last and certainly least, Apple added a pedometer to the Nano. I don’t know if they’re marketing this at soccer moms or the early 90’s, but it seems like a pretty weak addition. In fact, the whole thing operates like a lite version of the Nike+ campaign, which itself strikes me as incredibly lame.

To wrap it all up, I’m unimpressed. This update is a completely underwhelming attempt to take market away from Pure Digital and the Flip, and I think consumers are going to notice. The camera is bad enough that Apple doesn’t even want you to see the pictures it captures. The video isn’t a whole lot better, and the rest of the features have been on other MP3 players for years. I guess this is what happens when you’re on top and no one else is even close. You get complacent. Really, really complacent.


Apple TV Could Get An Update

Apple TV.There have been plenty of rumors surrounding the Apple media event next week. We’re almost guaranteed to see an iPod update, and though people would love to see a tablet announcement, it doesn’t look likely. There is one product, though, that the world (including Apple) has all but forgotten: Apple TV.

The box hasn’t seen an update since release, really, and analysts think it’s a good candidate for a refresh at the music event. Gene Munster, an analyst for Piper Jaffray, points out that the delivery time for the 40GB Apple TV has gone from 24 hours to 1-2 weeks, which you’ll notice puts it past the media event. That could definitely mean the announcement of a new model. As far as I know, Apple TV doesn’t sell well enough to merit that kind of shortage, particularly during the beginning of September.

Unless Apple does something truly incredible with Apple TV, it will definitely get overshadowed by the addition of cameras to the Nano/Touch lines of iPods. In any case, we’re only waiting another 5 days to find out.


Walkman Outsells iPod In Japan

Sony W205 Walkman.According to a Bloomberg report, Sony’s Walkman outsold the iPod in Japan last week for the first time in four years. It’s likely no small coincidence that Apple’s media event, the one at which they’re rumored to unveil a new line of iPod Touch and iPod Nano models with cameras, is just a week away.

One analyst thinks the shift came from consumers looking for less expensive devices. I’m calling bull on that one. It looks to me more like market forces aligned to give Sony the .9 percent jump over Apple in the week ending August 30th. Sony had recently released the W series Walkman, which got some good reviews, and again, Apple is almost certainly launching a new line.

I don’t mean to sound so vehemently fanboyish, but let’s be realistic. Sony has done anything big enough to really take back the market. Sure, the W series is one of the best looking devices they’ve designed, but you don’t just win back market share with a pretty device because it costs marginally less than the dominant competitor. I hope that analyst isn’t getting paid much, if at all.


Apple Hosting “Rock And Roll” Media Event September 9th

Apple September invite.Today, Apple sent out invitations to their September media event (if you’re reading this, Apple, you forgot the one with my name on it and that complimentary airfare/hotel stay). This year’s invitation looks like just about every other iPod advert. The invite reads, “It’s only rock and roll, but we like it.” Those aren’t exactly inspiring words for a tablet announcement, but there are plenty of other things Apple could show off this year.

Among those would be the rumored-to-death cameras for the iPod Touch and Nano models, the release of which would set the stage for an iTunes 9 announcement. There’s also the “Cocktail” feature that’s supposedly designed to save the album (can you save what’s dead?). All of those things would be interesting announcements, though I can’t say I’d be excited about the extra bloat coming to iTunes. It’s bad enough as is.