Vitamin MP3 Player Just Begs to be Swallowed

The Vitamin.This is easily the most shocking mp3 player I’ve seen in a long time, mostly because of the ridiculous feature list for such a small device.

Dubbed “The Vitamin,” this little pill is just 2.7 inches long and about an inch in diameter, making it the easiest device for a dog or small child to swallow. There is no listed storage size yet, but The Vitamin is set to enter production (and couch cushions, drains, washing machines, your grandma’s mouth) in late 2009 with the following specs:

    MP3 and WMA support
    30-channel FM tuner and recording support
    7 preset equalizer settings
    USB 2.0 connectivity

Not the longest spec list in the world, but look how tiny that thing is! FM tuner support? An equalizer? All of that and they managed to keep the controls on the device. How do you like them apples, Apple?

Source: Yanko Design