A Perfect Summer Breeze in Your Home, Whenever You Want


Are you one of those people who want what they can’t have? I know I sometimes am. That’s why while I’m excited for the arrival of Fall and the cool weather and perfect days it brings, there’s a part of me that’s going to miss those Summer breezes that break up the most heated days and can stop the world with just how great they feel, and reinvigorate a scorched soul during even the hottest times.

While the naturally occurring Summer breeze may be seeing its last days for this year, thanks to our good friend technology, and an ambitious design by inventor Fanni Csernatony, we may soon be able to have a perfect breeze through our homes, at any time of the year, and as naturally as possible.

It’s called the SEAbreeze, and it actually consists of two vase like objects. The first uses seawater and serves as a humidifier, in that its job is to produces clean air with a salty smell throughout the room. The other piece, a dehumidifier, takes that clean air and converts it into a genuine breeze that fills the area between the two units. Not only that, but it can take the moisture from the air and produce natural and clean drinking water in its lower sections.

An already amazing design, the whole set up gets more incredible when you take into account the impressive looks the early models have, their completely quiet functionality, and the fact that the two pieces can also sensor the current levels of a room to make sure that both parts are functioning at optimal levels to produce the best conditions possible.

Only in the early design phases, and trying to win a design competition at the moment, the SEAbreeze may be quite a distance from store shelves, but hopefully it will be available by next summer when you can comfortably recreate the perfect beach breeze in your own home, without having to try to tempt a similar one with an open window, and for the months beyond when you’re Summer dreaming.


Bladeless Ceiling Fan To Redefine Home Comfort

The Nest may be cornering the market on the future of central air conditioning, but even with such a great innovation, there will always be room for the classic ceiling fan set up. It’s not only the preference of many home owners, but still the necessity in some regions when it comes to cooling down a room. Yet unlike central air’s revolution with the Nest, the ceiling fan has not really had the privilege of new age influence creating a fresh design.

Until the bladeless fan from Exhale Fans that is. Supposedly inspired by the works of Nikola Tesla, the bladeless ceiling fan works much in the same manner as a tradition fan, as it redistributes the existing air in a room and converts it to a cooling flow. The difference is that it’s more discreet, more stylish (available in several colors in fact), extremely quiet, cheaper, and most importantly can provide cool (or warm depending on the need) air evenly throughout a room instead of in select spots like the usual ceiling fan. A great example of this can be found in the demonstration video that shows the fan’s capabilities of complete air flow coverage with the help of a smoke machine.

If you’d like to support the bladeless fan…you’re too late. It’s already achieved its funding goal on the site indiegogo, and will soon go into production and be available via the manufacturer’s website. Should you buy it when available then? Well, it’s not often that you see a device which can improve upon the classic design of a necessary object, and vastly improve the functionality of it as well, so unless you’re aiming for a classic Havana kingpin inspired design for your home, it’s hard not to recommend jumping on the biggest improvement to come to the ceiling fan since…well the ceiling fan.