Adding blur in Photoshop

It’s now going to be much easier.


The Photoshop photobomb tool from College Humor

If you’ve ever seen a Photoshop tutorial video, you know the program can often look a lot like magic. Well, this video offers you a different kind of magic. The magic that allows you to photobomb your friends and family with ease. If you don’t know, photobombing is the practice of ruining a photo by appearing in the background, typically doing something distracting. As you can guess, that often means something crude, so this video isn’t quite safe for work, unless, like me, you work from home.


Photoshop app for Android now available

android-photoshop-appRemember that free Photoshop app for the iPhone? Adobe’s finally released a version for Android, roughly a month after the iPhone version became available.

It’s basically the same app, though with a few differences for both better and worse. For starters, the Android version displays the phone’s entire photo library within the application. With the iPhone version you have to go through an extra step to select your photo. Not a huge difference, but it’s nice.

On the flipside, the Android version doesn’t have the pinch or twist functionality for straightening out your pictures. The feature is still there, just as a menu item instead of the multitouch. Again, not a big deal, and frankly the Photoshop app probably won’t be the pivotal factor if you’re deciding between the two platforms. For either OS, it’s a nice app.


Photoshop on the iPhone? Not exactly

photoshop-iphoneIf you’ve been waiting for Adobe to put Photoshop on the iPhone, your wait is over. It’s about what you’d expect (and certainly all you need) from an editing application on your cell phone, though calling it “Photoshop” is a bit misleading. The app is free, though, which was a nice surprise.

The interface is probably the best part of the app. It’s simple slider controls for most effects, which include standard adjustments for saturation, exposure, tint, and all that. You can also crop and use filters, which makes it pretty easy to put together a decent looking picture for a quick Facebook upload. Oh, did I mention the app is free?

The app includes integration with Adobe’s online system and allows you to upload photos or just save the changes right on your phone. As I may have mentioned, the app is free.