Simplify Business Travel With A Workstation Laptop


If you travel for work, it’s vital that you’re able to bring your work with you wherever you go. For some time, the biggest disadvantage of a mobile workstation was its bulk and lack of power. Even though they came with advanced computing abilities, great performance, exceptional screen quality, and better than ever speed, they were heavy and bulky. Nobody wants to lug a huge cinder block of a computer around, especially across long commutes (or continents).

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Forget desktops, how about wall…tops

The wall computer.

This is seriously cool. All you wannabe home computer builders can feast your eyes on this feat of human engineering. That’s right. Your desktop isn’t as cool as you thought. You want a cool computer? Dump the LED fans and build that bitch on your wall.

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Laptop thief doesn’t steal data

Laptop with a thumb drive.If you’ve ever had a laptop stolen or watched a hard drive melt, you know how devastating a data loss can be. A Swedish professor almost had the displeasure of discovering that feeling when his laptop was stolen. Then, a week later, he got a thumb drive in the mail, containing all of his data.

Yes, the laptop thief loaded all of the stolen data onto a drive and sent it to the victim. On the day of the theft, the thief also left behind the professor’s credit cards and some cash, all of which was in the laptop bag from which the computer was taken.

When asked about the incident, the professor simply told Swedish press, “this story makes me feel hope for humanity.”