Smartphones are now the majority

Is this a surprise?

Smartphone ownership has now reached the majority, albeit by a slim margin, says a Nielsen survey.

As of March, 50.4% of U.S. mobile subscribers owned a smartphone, up from 47.8% last December.

The smartphone is particularly attractive to adults age 25-34, with more than two out of three owning the mobile device, the survey finds.

We’ve seen a stunning reversal over the past five years. With the success of the iPhone and the Android platform, companies like Nokia have been left in the dust.


Tips for Apple 4S battery issues

Here are some helpful tips for how to get more battery life from your new iPhone. Apple has acknowledged the problem and is working on a software fix.

Bottom line – turn off a lot of the automatic updates and notifications. I have most of mine off and haven’t had much of a battery problem.


Battery issues for new iPhone 4S

Some stories are coming out about the iPhone 4S and problems with battery life. I just got a new one and I love it, but I was a little surprised at how quickly the battery was depleted. Apple is apparently looking into it, so we’ll see if this becomes a bigger story.


Get a cover for your new iPhone 4S

The new iPhone 4S is a massive hit, so if you got one, you should be in the market for a cool case or two. Check out this review of the new XtremeMac Microshield. If you like a smooth and slick cover, this one will be perfect.


The Steep Slope of Improvements Since The First iPhone

Think your iPhone is the best version available today? Well, it is until the November release of the iPhone 5, at least. Don’t fret: in the short history of the popular platform, many versions have been overshadowed by upstarts. Take a look at this iPhone evolution infographic, and find out how it has improved over the years. The next time you’re wondering where to get an iPhone you’ll be armed with the knowledge of its past, and insights about its future.