New Walkman Model Aims to be the Only Headphones You’ll Ever Need


The new trend in headphones seems to be turning them into all in one devices, and while it is a trend that is still developing and maturing, don’t tell that to Sony who’ve now unveiled a pair of headphones that just about maxes out the concept.

The newly unveiled Walkman WH series features a built in music player with 16 GB of storage (or 4 GB  for the lesser end WH303 model) and 20 hours of play through a fully charged battery. Furthering their independent music abilities, are the playback buttons on the side of the earphones that provide your basic track controls. A USB port for uploading music, as well as a traditional audio jack, round out the wearable headphone features.

The other big feature available for this model is the ability to turn use the speakers built into the headband. The idea of headphones that can be converted to speakers has been tried before with varying degrees of acceptance and success, but the use of Sony’s Xloud technology is an encouraging sign that this design may be the one to break the mold and provide an all in one alternative worth pursuing.

That’s going to be the general goal for this new model, as they aim to challenge the image of headphones just being headphones. While the unknown price of these models will be the largest determining factor in their validity, if Sony can make them work in three equally high quality ways you can expect these to draw some kind of consumer interest, and certainly a lot of industry attention, when they release.