IMDB finally releases an iPhone app

IMDB app is now on the iPhone.I still can’t believe it has taken this long to get an iPhone app from IMDB. It’s here, though, and free, so I suppose I don’t have much to complain about.

I was a little surprised to see it go with a dedicated app. For what it offers, I figured a web app would handle things just fine. It’s not like Facebook, where all kinds of nifty native hardware tricks are involved. In fact, the IMDB app doesn’t offer anything the website doesn’t, and it’s missing account support, so you can’t get Cate Blanchett’s phone number when you’re drunk (maybe that was on purpose). Still, for the way most people use IMDB, there’s no reason well-organized, free information won’t get the job done.

Now, if they charged me another dollar just to have access to the likes of Uma Thurman when I’m at my whiskey-drunk worst, I can’t say I wouldn’t go for it.