A New Way to Get Your Caffeine Fix Without Harshing Any Vibes


I regularly find myself grateful that caffeine is a socially acceptable addiction, as without the ability to consume it in its many forms throughout the course of the day I may just regularly snap on those around me for really no good reason at all.

Now I’m pretty classic when it comes to getting my fix, as a cup of black coffee (anything else is just sugar milk) usually does it, but I have given in to trendy caffeine injection systems like Red Bull and 5 Hour Energy when I’m looking to just really tweak out.

Undoubtedly the trendiest way to catch a ride on the caffeine dragon is currently being funded on indiegogo and goes by the name of Sprayable Energy (or “The Spray” as it’s called on the streets).

“The Spray” is a small bottle that produces a mist of 100% pure sweet lady caffeine. Simply spray yourself with it (2-4 is the recommended amount) and you’ll gain a sustained energy boost, supposedly free of the dreaded crash and other side effects. This is accomplished through the delivery system, as the spray allows caffeine to enter your body naturally, rather than the shock and awe method you get with energy drinks and the like.

Portable, handy, and apparently frighteningly effective, this looks like the perfect insta-boost delivery system for those night owls/students/hard workers of the world, but some questions do remain. For instance, if I spray an entire bottle on someone while they are sleeping, will I ensure that they are now up for days? In fact, are there any safeguards whatsoever to prevent this from being used as an offensive weapon for absolutely hilarious pranks?

I hope not, because while this is a questionable, but intriguing, way of caffeine delivery, it is a potentially unrivaled pranking device, which is what I’ll be using it for should I invest in the $15 asking price required for a bottle on the funding page.