Experience Vinyl Anywhere With the Versatile Evergreen Record Player


Photo Courtesy of: Far East Gizmos

Whether or not the vocal constituent of audiophiles who continue to insist that “it just sounds better on vinyl” are completely in the right is a debate that may wage on for years to come, but no matter where you stand on the issue, there is no denying that some albums just feel more natural in vinyl.

They are albums like “Abbey Road,” “Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band,” “Dark Side of the Moon,” “Loaded,” and “Highway 61 Revisited.” Sure you can own them on CD or digitally, but classics like these, and more, deserve to be owned in their original  form, where they maintain that image of  artifacts of a musically brilliant age gone by.

For experiencing timeless works such as those, everyone really should own a record player. But, instead of throwing down hundreds of dollars on a bulky hi-fi setup, and more on speakers, why not consider something simpler like the Evergreen DN-84537?

Like other Evergreen models, this player employs a bare basics design that cuts down on space, and also attaches to your computer through a USB cable which allows you to record music to your computer, and take advantage your rig’s speaker system. Where this model stands triumphant though, is in the inclusion of its built in speakers which, combined with the AA battery back-up option, allows for a portable, fully functional record player no matter where you are, and all for the ridiculously low price of under $50.

There are a couple of disadvantages to the Evergreen though. Particularly there’s  the lower sound quality you get with the integrated speaker design, and the fact they are currently only available in Japan. So since the import cost for one would kind of defeat the purpose, let’s hope that these players make their way to more of the globe, so everyone will have a chance to experience some of the greatest music of all time in its native format, as conveniently as possible.