Magic Mouse Fix brings some ergo to Apple design

Magic Mouse, Fixed.We could go back and forth all day about the ergonomic design of Apple’s Magic Mouse. I wasn’t in love with the thing at first, but after getting used to the different hand position I don’t even think about it. Really, the mouse might promote better hand posture for me because of the size of my hands. For people who want a place to rest their weary palms, though, Will at has a $10 solution.

Will formed the silicon pad pictured above after building a few clay prototypes to solve his own ergonomic distress. The “fix” attaches with an integrated suction cup to keep the pad in place. It might not be great for all hand shapes and sizes, but if you’ve been having problems with your Magic Mouse, $10 could save you from pitching that thing. There is one setback – it’s pretty damn ugly. Part of the appeal of Apple products is the design, which this thing pretty much throws out the window. If you aren’t image conscious during your mousing (you know these people exist) I’m sure you’ll be fine.