The power behind Microsoft’s Kinect

Microsoft’s Kinect has some undoubtably cool technology, but cooler than its game applications could be the power behind the camera. This video shows what Kinect is capable of once it has been hacked to allow a little input. The results are astonishing.


Fuji Set to Bring 3D Stills to the Masses

Fuji Finepix Real 3D SystemIn years gone by, Fujifilm was the name in digital photography. They pioneered the first digital still camera in 1988 and held almost 30% market share. That was then, and unfortunately for Fuji, now is a time in which they hold less than 7% of the market and face stiff competition from companies like Nikon and Olympus.

Fuji is releasing a new camera with hopes of getting their mojo back. Called the FinePix Real 3D System, their new camera is (omg!) a 3D still camera, the first of its kind for a consumer market. The camera works by employing two lenses that sit approximately the width of a pair of human eyes apart. The result is binocular vision that recreates depth perception in the same way your brain does. The only problem is that the left and right images have to be directed to your left and right eye for the effect to work.

That’s part of Fuji’s strategy for the Real 3D. As the first 3D consumer camera, they’re the first with a real need for 3D media that doesn’t involve a pair of red and blue glasses. For starters, they’re looking at a 3D picture frame, which would direct each image at the viewer’s appropriate eye, and 3D film, which functions as a lens overlay for a photo print, achieving the desired effect.

I went to an art exhibit last year where a physical media photographer was showcasing photos he had take by sort of hacking this method. He shot the images and then put them into one of those viewfinders you see at Niagra Falls and other popular tourist destinations. The pictures were incredible, especially the dead bird splayed out on the pavement.

Success of this kind of product really depends on the success of the media, though. If the frame and the film are overpriced, it doesn’t matter how cool the pictures are. No one will be able to appreciate them. Fuji seems to be aware of this and plans to price at least the film under the $5 mark. The camera will run you a cool $600.