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For many years people have been making money online through various methods; such as eBay, Blogging, etc. to name just a few. Yet with the growth of smartphone technology, especially with regards to mobile apps, many people are beginning to realise that they can make money through various online mobile apps. The following are several of the top money making apps worth investing in. Some of these apps would require you to invest money to make money, whilst others would only require one to invest time and effort to make money in return.

Whilst there are many apps on the various mobile phone marketplaces (whether that be iPhone, Android or Amazon marketplace) in this article we shall be looking at the top money making apps which worth investing in. So, if you are looking for apps to make money from, then the following is a list of such apps which you might want to consider:


Swagbucks is one of the most well-known apps for enabling its users to make money from this app. Through undertaking a series of tasks, such as playing games, partaking in surveys, watching videos, etc. For every task undertaken, users will earn points which they can subsequently cash out in the form of store cards, such as Amazon gift card and Marks & Spencer’s vouchers. If using this app, you will also be able to cash out via PayPal as well.


Another very popular mobile app on both the Android and IPhone marketplaces. With Ibotta, you essentially scan your shopping receipts onto this app through your mobile phone, and by doing so will earn money in the process. Though the amount you receive per receipt scanned is a tiny amount, if you are an avid shopper, then this app is a handy way at earning some money back.


As the name of this app suggests, on downloading this app on your phone, you are given option to a large amount of surveys, which you can fill out on your mobile phone whilst on the go; be it during a coffee break, whilst travelling to and from work on the bus or train, etc. After reaching a certain threshold, you can cash out into PayPal account – essentially making money whilst on the go.


So far, we have looked at top money making apps worth investing in which only require effort and time to start earning money; and apps which are on either the Google Android store or the iPhone store. Yet Binary Options Tips is an app which is located on the Amazon Underground store, and shows people how to make money through Binary Options. Binary Options is a new form of trading, known as fixed odd trading, where one can make or lose a certain fixed amount by trading the financial markets. Yet not only this app teaches you how to make money trading, but links to sites where one can trade Binary Options for profit on their mobiles.


This app by CMC Markets and allows users to deposit money into their trading accounts, upon which they can trade different financial assets (be it stocks, currencies). Yet as well as being able to trade different financial assets, app users will also be able to undertake different types of trading, be it Binary Options, CFDs (Contracts for Difference), Spread-betting, etc. Essentially through this app, one can make a full-time income as being a financial trader, purely through their mobile phones!


Unlike the previous two apps mentioned in this list which both require their users to deposit money to make money, with Slide Joy you don’t need to deposit any money to make money. Rather one makes money from ads which appear on the screen when the mobile phone is locked. So essentially with this app, you are making passive income for you earning without doing anything more than you’d normally would.

These are some of the top money making apps worth investing in at the current point in time – though in years to come, more money-making apps bound to come on the markets!


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