5 Concerns Debunked: How Technology Improves Efficiency

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Many people have problems with change. They become so engrossed within their current way of doing things, they don’t stop to realize just how much technology can benefit the aspect of business. Yes, paper ledgers did have their place in history. However, so did telegraphs and the abacus. Each new innovation develops growing concerns that may be unwarranted.

Input Errors

Some believe that data is only as accurate as the person typing in the information. This is true regardless if the system is computer-based on not. In fact, mathematical calculations done by software may be superior when compared to pencil and paper ledgers. A person is just as likely to write a wrong number by hand than type.

Inventory Management

When it comes to inventory management, keeping track of levels could become tedious when walking up and down the warehouse aisles every day. Using products such as distribution inventory software can eliminate a great deal of that footwork. This allows the employee to commit to more important tasks throughout the day.

Learning Curves

A lot of people fear new software and technology because they believe it will be too difficult to learn. In today’s market, software is created with this in mind and promotes extremely user-friendly interfaces. As long as you can comprehend basic language, many pieces of software can be used efficiently right out of the box.

Overall Costs

The cost of using management software and other applications can be easily offset by the productivity of employees. Instead of someone taking two or three weeks to get documents ready for taxes, it can be done with a few clicks of the mouse inside of a few minutes. This will allow the employee to work on other projects during that same amount of time.

Hacking and Theft

Many systems implement high encryption methods for file protection. Given the amount of information that is available on the Internet, successful attacks that you see on the news are only a sliver of a fraction of the overall online community. To put it another way, a successful attack shown on the news could be like comparing a single apple to a whole orchard of apple trees spanning across hundreds of acres.

Although there is no such thing as perfect technology, electronics are not the only thing that can fail. Calculations made by the human element can disrupt workflow with or without software or networking capabilities. Take a look at your organization and realize that it may not be running as efficient as it could be. When you consider that the inefficiency could be costing you thousands of dollars a year in fees, wouldn’t you rather invest in a method to prevent those loses?


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