Samsung Galaxy S reaches 3 million shipped

Samsung Galaxy S.There’s one thing I can gather from news that the Samsung Galaxy S has shipped three million units to the US: Americans love big things. That’s really no surprise, and it’s sort of a joke, because the Galaxy S is a pretty badass litt…er…gigantic phone.

“We’re in a situation where we wish we had more supply,” Chief Marketing Officer Paul Golden told Reuters. That’s a good place to be, but also a bit of a scary place, too. Supply shortages often get extended over a period of months, months during which the company could be moving more handsets.

The tech that’s holding up production is, as with most phones these days, the screen. Samsung’s AMOLED is super-bright, but also takes a while to fabricate. In the end, though, I say good on Samsung for pushing a cool product to market with enough supply to last us a little while. Once the iPhone is on the major American carriers, I’d bet Samsung will find itself with plenty of handsets.

Image: Reuters


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