Borders May Have Leaked The Apple Tablet

Is this the Apple tablet?There have been a lot of rumors about the seemingly certain release of an Apple tablet. We’ve seen fake pictures, fake specs, projected sales figures, and more fake pictures. One of the only things I haven’t run across in my reading is a possible name.

Borders cleared all of that up with a recent survey regarding e-readers. I’m not sure if the book peddler (really, you can’t call those “sales”) is trying to gauge its eventual demise, or whether they’re trying to find a way to burst onto the ebook scene, but they may have prematurely outed Apple’s tablet and given the thing a name: The iPAD.

I have to say, the name sucks. It truly sucks. But that it’s in a Borders survey regarding e-readers is certain to make several hundred thousand fanboys foam with anticipation.


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