Video conferencing: what it is and how it works

The business world is slowly waking up to the fact that video conferencing such as that featured on could help to improve their operations in so many ways. You may wonder what video conferencing is, and what makes it so good, but there are reasons why your business should use it.

As with Conference Calling at, it’s designed to make meeting with clients a breeze. It allows those with the technology to talk to people from different locations worldwide, meaning that a meeting can be arranged and held almost straight away, which takes the traveling and expense previously involved in meetings out of the equation.

Video Conferencing is a must for any company looking to save money, save time and boost levels of productivity. However, you may wonder how it works, and whether it requires a lot of work to set up.

To get started, you need the following equipment:

• Two or more webcams or video cameras
• The same amount of microphones
• A large monitor or projector, but a TV will work just as well
• A strong internet connection
• Speakers
• A data compressor
• Video conferencing software

Once you have all the right equipment, you need to decide whether you want to just do point-to-point or multi-point video conferencing. The former is for one-to-one meetings between two different locations. Meanwhile, multi-point video conferencing is for three or more locations.

Multi-point video conferencing is very useful, not least because it makes potentially complicated meetings easy. It requires a multi-point bridge to help make it possible, as this will ensure that real-time conversation can go ahead as planned. Usually, connection to a server is the way to go about it.

As soon as everything’s in place for you to make full use of video conferencing, you’ll be free to enjoy its many benefits.
Your business could save money and time by not traveling to meetings. Also, workers who get tired from traveling will be less prone to tiredness during working hours, while communication with clients will be streamlined and much easier to keep going over long periods of time.


Skype to release five-way video calls next week

Skype video callOnce upon a time I worked for a Steelcase dealer in Ohio. Though we specialized in systems furniture (the industry name for cubicles), we also dealt in some of the tech stuff associated with office life, including video conferencing solutions. The most expensive is a product from Steelcase’s conference room division, Polyvision, called Thunder. A basic system installation cost $100,000 and boasted a feature list that has now been largely duplicated by Skype. A few years back the ability to quickly share your desktop wasn’t as easy as right-click, share desktop. Now, though, Skype can handle it, and Skype’s free.

Next week Skype plans to add five-way video calling to its service offering. The new feature will be free for starters, but may start to cost over the course of the year. You can bet plenty of businesses will be reconsidering their video conferencing options (or consider using video conferencing for the first time) when this rolls out. On the personal side, this is perfect for families and friends spread across the country. My own immediate family is currently spread across three states, soon to be four. It would be great to jump on and video chat with all of them for free.