A Belt That Shows We’re Getting Closer to Manufacturing Batman’s Utility Belt

I’ve always had a terrible sense of direction. While its an issue I’ve steadily improved thanks to some long driving adventures and later having to navigate my way through the streets of New York, I can’t say I’m ever fully comfortable going to a new area and truly finding my way around.

Sure, there are a plethora of devices and apps to help people like me find there way around with minimal effort, but there is nothing like being able to comfortably get around any neighborhood like you’ve been there a thousand times before, without any outside assistance required.

The Triposo Travel Belt offers a potential compromise between technological aides and natural navigation. That’s because after you put it on, and set your destination in the included app, the belt will vibrate in one of four directions to let you know where you should be heading to get to your destination. This affords you the benefits of app fueled directions, without making you go through the awkward motion of constantly referencing your device to make use of them.

Sure the nature of its functionality is certainly leaning towards the novelty side, and the device if most likely useless for driving, but its hard to ignore the creativity of this invention, or that it just may be the most clever solution to finding your way around when walking that’s been presented yet. It’s creators are looking for $10,000 on indiegogo to make it a reality, which may be just the right asking point to get the contributions of all those tourists in the world tired of looking like one when they travel.