iPhone to get new SMS ringtones

New iPhone SMS ringtones.If you’re even marginally creative, you know how easy it is to create your own ringtones for the iPhone. My own phone currently has a few custom ringers in it, including short clips from songs like “Consolers of the Lonely” by The Raconteurs and “Telephone Line” by ELO (it’s corny, I know). But there is no solace for those of us who are sick of the Tri-Tone SMS alert. Not yet, anyway.

It looks like iOS 4.2 should bring more options for your SMS alerts. Unfortunately, they are both long and horribly annoying. As the video at Gizmodo shows, they have names like “Calypso” and “Noir” and tend to be little mini songs. Keep in mind, this is for a text message, not your ringer. I don’t even text that much, but when I do it’s usually a back and forth of about four messages. Having one of those go off more than once in a five minute period would be enough to make me scream.