Quite possibly the greatest looking Bluetooth Headset ever!

Orb HeadsetThe creative minds at Hybra Advanced Technology and AbsolutelyNew must be applauded. They have come up with what I consider the most beautiful looking Bluetooth headset of all time. The Orb is a ring and a headset. Yes, a ring and a headset.

So, when in ring “form” it can display things like caller id, calendar items, and voice-to-text info. When it headset “form” it small and shiny and subtle. Let’s just hope it works as well as it looks. Here’s what OhGizmo! had to say about it:

The Orb is an actual Bluetooth headset that transforms into a ring and vice-versa. Wear it like a ring and its Flexible OLED (in the Deluxe edition) will display caller info, calendar items and voice-to-text info. Feel like answering? Twist it off and hang it on your ear. Sound is transmitted through bone conduction, so there’s no need to even insert it in your ear. It’s really just brilliant.

The best part is that it’s supposed to be available for purchase in early 2010 for $129 for the regular edition, $175 for Deluxe and going up from there depending on what gemstones people might choose to have embedded into it. It is after all, also a ring.

So I’ve never worn a headset because… well… nothing against any of you that wear them but… they look dorky. I mean c’mon, you and I know there is nothing sexy or cool about them. Well, the Orb might be changing that and changing my mind about headsets.