Google Is Developing A High Resolution Chrome Browser…for Apple Users?

Today on the Google Chrome Blog, there was a bit of a surprise announcement.

It seems that Google is currently working on a new version of their Chrome browser that will be specially designed to make use of the new and improved Retina display on Apple’s recently announced new Macbook line. A vague comparison of the current browser and the soon to be new and improved model can be referenced in the above picture.

The beauty of the Retina display certainly can’t be overstated, though it apparently can be calculated based off of the $2,200 price tag it commands with the new Macbook, and it is exciting to see a tech giant like Google jumping on the bandwagon already to adapt to what may one day become a wave of the future in display. Lets not forget that Apple managed to change the smartphone market with the introduction of a revolutionary touch display system, and all of the resulting tech that has emerged since that and because of it has been fast, furious, and exciting.

If this browser adjustment from a major smartphone rival is indeed the very early volley of a display revolution similar to the one that television enjoyed with HDTV, the future could be looking very good for Apple and consumers.


How good is the iPhone 4 display?

iPhone 4 home screen.There you have it – an unmodified screenshot of the iPhone 4 homescreen (click on it to see the full-size image).

You can see a little bit of blur on the Google, Facebook, and WordPress apps and you know why? The image quality of those icons is too low to keep up with the resolution. Obviously all of the Apple apps have icons that scale with this ridiculous display. I’m sure other app makers will go the same route once they update for iOS 4.


Get your iPhone 4 upgrade up to six months early

iPhone 4.Early adopters always get pissed when a new device comes out. After all, it can be hard to justify spending another couple hundred bucks on a gadget that closely mimics your current gear. The iPhone is no exception, but luckily AT&T has your back (sort of – their network still blows).

AT&T is offering iPhone 4 upgrades up to six months early for a minimal upgrade fee of $18. That’s a damn fine price to get your hands on the new iPhone. If you’re like me, you probably cringed when you saw that six month figure. I got my 3GS last June on launch day, which leaves me a far cry from the six month upgrade window. As it turns out, that “six months” is a little more flexible than you’d think.

If you want to know your upgrade status, dial *639# from an AT&T phone and you’ll receive a text message concerning your eligibility status. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I was indeed eligible for the $18 upgrade. I’m definitely taking advantage – current 16GB 3GS prices range from $250-$500 on eBay. That more than covers the cost of the phone and the upgrade.

The iPhone 4 will be available June 24th.


iPhone 4 is here!

Apple iPhone 4.Apple has made an honest phone of the iPhone 4. Steve Jobs officially announced the iPhone 4 today during the WWDC 2010 keynote address.

It’s a beauty of a phone – the same phone Gizmodo leaked in April. With it comes a whole host of new features, including the long-rumored ability to make video calls. It is far and away the best phone on the market to date (more on that later), with a feature list that will make all the EVO 4G freaks go, “Oh…you have that too.”

From the outside, you can see that the iPhone 4 is thinner even than the 3GS. It now features a front-facing video cam for the video calling service, “FaceTime.” Both the front and back of the phone are made of a slate of glass. The camera on the back has been upgraded to five megapixels, records 720p video at 30 FPS, and has an LED flash. Apple also added a second microphone for noise cancellation during calls, a welcome feature.

On the inside, you’re looking at an A4 processor – yeah, that’s the same thing that runs the iPad – a larger battery, and an antenna system that has been integrated into the body of the phone. Storage capacity remains the same, at 16GB or 32GB, which has always seemed like plenty to me. There’s also a gyroscope along with the accelerometer, giving the phone six-axis sensitivity which is great for gaming and trainer apps among other things. The display on the iPhone 4 now has twice the pixel density of the 3GS. That’s huge, especially with the news that Netflix is coming to the iPhone later this summer.

On the whole, it’s a great update to an already great device. I’ll have more posts throughout the day detailing the changes so stay tuned. The iPhone 4 will be available for pre-order on June 15th, on sale June 24th.