Best Buy Leaks New iPod Cases

Best Buy leaked some iPod cases. Suprise!Seems like most major announcements this summer just haven’t been able to stay secret. First we had the PS3 Slim, then the Xbox 360 SKU change and price cut, and now it’s the iPod Touch/Nano camera update. The last got another check on the confirmation list today when the Best Buy website leaked an inventory listing for iPod Touch 3G cases and iPod Nano 5G cases. There’s really only one reason for those cases to change from the last generation – significant changes to the body – and we’re guessing that change means a camera.

Now the leak doesn’t include pictures, so it’s not an official confirmation of the camera theory, but it’s damn close. We won’t have to wait long to find out, though. As I’m sure you’ll remember, Apple’s “Rock and Roll” event is happening tomorrow at 1PM EST. Be sure to check back here. We’ll have the latest from the completely unexciting and totally expected updates.


Apple TV Could Get An Update

Apple TV.There have been plenty of rumors surrounding the Apple media event next week. We’re almost guaranteed to see an iPod update, and though people would love to see a tablet announcement, it doesn’t look likely. There is one product, though, that the world (including Apple) has all but forgotten: Apple TV.

The box hasn’t seen an update since release, really, and analysts think it’s a good candidate for a refresh at the music event. Gene Munster, an analyst for Piper Jaffray, points out that the delivery time for the 40GB Apple TV has gone from 24 hours to 1-2 weeks, which you’ll notice puts it past the media event. That could definitely mean the announcement of a new model. As far as I know, Apple TV doesn’t sell well enough to merit that kind of shortage, particularly during the beginning of September.

Unless Apple does something truly incredible with Apple TV, it will definitely get overshadowed by the addition of cameras to the Nano/Touch lines of iPods. In any case, we’re only waiting another 5 days to find out.


Apple Hosting “Rock And Roll” Media Event September 9th

Apple September invite.Today, Apple sent out invitations to their September media event (if you’re reading this, Apple, you forgot the one with my name on it and that complimentary airfare/hotel stay). This year’s invitation looks like just about every other iPod advert. The invite reads, “It’s only rock and roll, but we like it.” Those aren’t exactly inspiring words for a tablet announcement, but there are plenty of other things Apple could show off this year.

Among those would be the rumored-to-death cameras for the iPod Touch and Nano models, the release of which would set the stage for an iTunes 9 announcement. There’s also the “Cocktail” feature that’s supposedly designed to save the album (can you save what’s dead?). All of those things would be interesting announcements, though I can’t say I’d be excited about the extra bloat coming to iTunes. It’s bad enough as is.