New Mace Case for iPhone Brings new Meaning to FaceTime

Irresponsible iPhone users can be a dangerous lot.

That’s because in anyone else’s hands, that device is really just a phone. But in the hands of the irresponsible user, it becomes a weapon that allows them to text while driving, destroy relationships with ill-advised, at the bar Facebook updates, risk their careers over a chance to beat their “Angry Birds” high score during a meeting, and even have access to the combined knowledge of the world, should they ever get around to it after updating their Pinterest boards, and browsing Netflix.

However, not content with the tools of destruction already allowed to iPhone users, a company called Spraytect is giving them a much more tangible weapon in the form of an attachable pepper spray canister.

The device is very simple, as you install the compatible case on your iPhone (which comes in 4 colors with matching canister, including pink). From there, should the need arise, you simply remove the safety clip on the back and fit the cartridge in while rotating it until the yellow label of the cartridge is facing forward. Then you just  turn the phone sideways so you may press down on the top of the cartridge and fire your pepper spray burst. Additionally, each case set includes one test cartridge filled with harmless aerosol, and one of the real deals. A replacement cartridge will set you back $18, while the case bundle retails for $39.95 from the spraytect website. Currently it is only available for the iPhone 4 or 4S model.

With smartphone thefts growing every day, and crime in general not threating to fall anytime soon, I’m sure that this device was created with the best of intentions. However, we’re more likely to see this become a favorite tool of the frat guy market, as well as a host of Instagram users who can’t resist posting an “OMG pepper spray! LOL” section than we are to hear of it actually preventing theft. I also question the integrity of an item that recommends using the canister as a kickstand for your phone right above the safety section of its own website. I don’t care how many safety precautions the device has, when it can jet out a cloud of burning spray that’s as strong as law enforcement models, you should probably sooner advise to factor in a degree of human precaution, and not encourage people to use it as a way to watch “Doctor Who” easier.

All in all, for my iPhone security needs, I’ll stick with the iShank.

Recommended in Red to Hide Splatter Stains


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Accessory Review: iSkin Revo2 iPhone Case

Today I’ve got another video review for you. This time it’s the iSkin Revo2, a rubbery case designed for maximum shock absorption and a little moisture protection.

It’s a decent case, though it can be tough to get a good fit around the phone. At $39.99 it’s a little too expensive for what the product offers, but a decent buy if you can find it on sale. If you’re looking for a simple case that looks nice with decent shock protection, check out the iSkin Solo or Solo FX.


Accessory Review: iSkin Solo And Solo FX

Today I’ve got a review of the Solo line of iPhone cases from iSkin. I decided to shoot the review as a video so you can really see the benefits of the case. Overall, iSkin’s put together an excellent product. It’s simple, fits the phone well, and looks great. My only complaint is price. At $29.99 for the Solo and $32.99 for the Solo FX, the cases are a bit more expensive than the features they offer. If you can get a deal on either, it would be worth picking up.


Bouncing Around the Web

In case you missed it, here’s what’s Bouncing Around the Web:

Apple and Stanford University have joined forces to teach an iPhone development class. The course materials and video of the classes will be available through iTunes. Best of all, they are free. This is a great move at keeping the iPhone and iPod Touch app content fresh and new. Just another reason Apple will probably dominate in the mobile phone market.
Via Wired

iPhone Game Boy Case
What has to be the coolest case I have ever seen for an iPhone is over at engadget. The case looks exactly like a Game Boy. First, I haven’t seen the Game Boy in years and second, it makes me just want to pick it up and play it. The case is more of a tease than anything. I guess it fits right in here at Gadget Teaser.
Via engadget

I think I need to apply for a job at Popular Mechanics. Any company that has enough time on their hands to put up a review of the Top 10 Nerf Guns of All Time is OK with me.
Via popularmechanics

While I’m not a fan of the evil empire, I can be a fan of the Yankees new 101 by 59 foot LED display at their new stadium. That thing is enormous. I might have to take a trip to New York just to get a glimpse of it. And hopefully to watch the Yankees lose too.
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