SI: Swimsuit Slinks Onto the iPhone

SI:Swimsuit on the iPhone.The iPhone is loaded with apps featuring images of hot girls (even though several have slipped up and been yanked recently), but none host the quality hotties you’ll find in Sports Illustrated Group’s SI:Swimsuit for the iPhone. The app debuted today, featuring fine looking ladies and, oh yeah, I guess there’s a calendar too.

Actually, the calendar seems pretty cool. I’ve never been the type to need a boobie fix so badly I’d download an app just to see girls in bikinis. Now, if my calendar happened to show me those same girls daily, I might not mind as much. That’s just what the SI:Swimsuit app aims to do. The calendar in question is actually a sports calendar that allows you to monitor up to six professional or college teams in full – schedules, scores, etc. You also get to pick which models show up in your calendar, so you can display your Danica Patrick love to all your friends.

The app also features picture and video coverage for all the models in the 2009 edition, including the body painting series. I’m actually shocked Apple let that one slide, but hey, they’re not exactly consistent. The app will cost you $2.99.