White iPhone delay may be purely cosmetic

White iPhone 4.

It had been a long time since I heard any word about the white iPhone 4; in all honesty, I had forgotten about it. A story popped up at Pocket Lint that not only reminded me of the other model’s existence, but shed some light on the delay.

Apparently, the guys at Pocket Lint were at a press event in NYC and noticed an attendee carrying the much-coveted white iPhone 4. After snapping a few discrete photos, PL asked how he got it.

As it turns out, the guy has a friend at Infinite Loop, which is reportedly loaded with white models of the latest iPhone. They aren’t shipping, though, because the home button doesn’t match the white of the case. Apple is waiting until manufacturers can match the white button to the case.

If anything, I’m only surprised that the process is taking so long. Then again, Apple may be focused on some other hardware issues. Verizon iPhone, anyone?


iPhone to get new SMS ringtones

New iPhone SMS ringtones.If you’re even marginally creative, you know how easy it is to create your own ringtones for the iPhone. My own phone currently has a few custom ringers in it, including short clips from songs like “Consolers of the Lonely” by The Raconteurs and “Telephone Line” by ELO (it’s corny, I know). But there is no solace for those of us who are sick of the Tri-Tone SMS alert. Not yet, anyway.

It looks like iOS 4.2 should bring more options for your SMS alerts. Unfortunately, they are both long and horribly annoying. As the video at Gizmodo shows, they have names like “Calypso” and “Noir” and tend to be little mini songs. Keep in mind, this is for a text message, not your ringer. I don’t even text that much, but when I do it’s usually a back and forth of about four messages. Having one of those go off more than once in a five minute period would be enough to make me scream.


Google Goggles is coming to the iPhone

Google Goggles.It seems like I get asked this question nearly every time a tech challenged person sees that I have an iPhone. “Do you have that app that lets you look stuff up by taking pictures of it?” The first few times it took a while to figure out what the inquirer meant. Now, I answer before the sentence is done – Google Goggles? Sadly, no.

It’s not that I want GG all that badly. From a functionality standpoint, it’s not all that great. It does have great wow factor, though, so I was thrilled to find out that the camera-powered search would be coming to the iPhone this year. The app has been Android-only since release, but Google will be developing a proprietary app for the iPhone, not just some crappy port.

From here, it’s just a matter of getting it to work all the time.


What’s FaceTime really like?

Apple’s advertising for FaceTime is already being lauded as some of the best ad video the world has ever seen. It’s personal, evocative, and total bullshit. I think we all know that working with technology is rarely as smooth as those FaceTime ads make it out to be. For that reason, I bring you this video, courtesy of Funny or Die. This is what FaceTime is really like.


iPhone hardware head leaves Apple

iPhone 4 band-aid.There’s no doubt that the iPhone 4 launch was one of Apple’s sloppiest hardware launches to date. The antenna issue was definitely the worst PR we’ve seen from Cupertino and yet, somehow, the iPhone continues to blow through millions of models. After all that, Apple’s finally made an inside move, a sort of quiet omission of guilt despite its protestations over the last several months.

Mark Papermaster, the exec at the helm of iPhone hardware, has left Apple. There’s no word on whether he was given the boot or left of his own accord. His departure is a bit coincidental for me to believe that, whoever initiated his departure, it wasn’t all related to the antenna issue. When consumers are making joke band-aids and “End Call” stickers to fix your missteps, you can bet someone’s head will roll.

As you might imagine, Papermaster declined to comment.