Tired of Fish Poop Doing Nothing For You? Read On…

Thanks in part to dystopian sci-fi films that depict a world overrun by technology and devoid of natural elements, many people think that technology and the “green” world are at conflict.

Realistically though, responsible applications of modern technology could be greatly beneficial in helping nature, much as it has helped humans. For a great example look no further than the organization Back to the Roots who are constantly looking for new ways to help both individual users and companies like Whole Foods minimize their environmental impacts with products like a kit that can take coffee grounds and grow fresh mushrooms from them.

However, their most intriguing product is currently up for funding on Kickstarter, and it’s called the Home Aquaponics Kit. Basically it’s a fish tank with a small growing area atop for potted plants. The tank automatically filters the fish feces to the plants above to provide them with necessary nutrients needed for them to grow fuller. In essence then, you are getting a self cleaning fish tank that doubles as a personal home garden in one package.

As you’ve probably heard from that celebrity everybody wishes would shut up, or that activist girl you acted interested in for a while until you got…uninterested, we can all be doing more for the environment. The Home Aquaponics Kit not only allows you to contribute a little more green to your world, but if you’ve never cooked with truly fresh herbs, it lets you discover the flavors you have been missing.

It’s currently a $50 minimum contribution on Kickstarter to buy one of the Aquaponics (assuming the funding goal is reached), and for the urban gardener, fish enthusiast, or someone looking to just class up their apartment a little, it may prove to be worth it.