The Qlocktwo Aims to Make Letters the New Numbers


Do you know what an “Oh wow, that’s really cool!” buy is?

It’s something you buy that’s not necessarily of strong particular use, nor do you have a strong personal desire or need for it, but instead you purchase it just so when someone sees it, you get to hear them say “Oh wow, that’s really cool!” This mostly extends to home or office decoration, but many cars, clothes and other goods have been purchased with the sole intention of producing that effect.

The Qlocktwo from German designers Biegert and Funk (which is just a fantastic 70’s soul band name) definitely accomplishes that, as evidenced by the fact that it was my exact reaction upon seeing it.

In case it wasn’t clear from the picture, the Qlocktwo is a wall clock (with a wristwatch model available) that foregoes the old fashioned number system (which in turn replaced that weird reading shadows thing that apparently was once the rage), and instead tells you the time in a series of phrases like “Half past Two” or “Quarter to Six,” making its communication closer to the same methods we often use to relay that information amongst each other.

Made of wood, available in several languages, and featuring a bright display visible in most any light conditions, the clock updates its message every five minutes, and comes in a variety of models including the mentioned wristwatch Qlocktwo W, an alarm clock compatible Qlocktwo Touch, and a Qlocktwo Large which is an as advertised larger version of the regular model.

It’s a fairly reasonable way to tell the time (because really, who needs to know if its 3:33 exactly?), but this is truly meant as an eye-catching piece you’ll have around the house to show off to anyone who may come through, or in an office when trying to impress guests or just improve the décor for your employees.

Running north of $600 depending on the model and vendor, the Qlocktwo might be expensive eye candy, but it’s some damn fine eye candy and one of the coolest clocks available.


A Smart Rifle That, Potentially, Never Misses


Wherever you stand on gun control, you can probably agree there are just some common sense restraints when it comes to gun use.

For instance, unless you’re Elmer Fudd there probably is no good reason to bring, say, a rocket launcher for rabbit hunting. You may also have a hard time convincing a judge that “Terminator 2” style minigun is just for hunting quail. That’s because as effective as those weapons may be, there is no practical reason to have that much firepower, in those scenarios.

That being the case, it could be argued that there is no practical reason for the power of the TrackingPoint sniper rifle to exist. But damn, I’m kind of glad it does.

That’s because the TrackingPoint is every overpowered video game or comic book weapon come to terrifying life. It’s main selling point is its ability to take into account wind, distance, obstacles, measurements, and more through internal systems. This matters because the weapon is so smart, it will not allow a shot to be fired until it is absolutely sure what you are aiming at through the laser point sight will be hit.

Also, like other smart devices, it has Wi-Fi capabilities, built in USB ports, and an included iPad Mini to store all of your shots on and upload them wherever you need.

Let’s be clear here. If you had a gun in a video game that wouldn’t fire until there was a guaranteed hit, you’d be banned for hacking, and uploading videos of it would be in bad taste. As this is a real weapon that can do just that, there are a few safety precautions, such as it being password protected to only function at full capacity by the original owner. While not the greatest preventive feature, the price point of around $22,000 will keep it out of most people’s hands.

I say most though, because these rifles have already begun selling to some apparently very high demand, to the point a waiting list has been created (and of course, a full background check applies). While there is obviously a long, long moral discussion regarding a rifle like this, just looking at its functions objectively, and as a rifle intended for hunters, makes it difficult to not see this as an impressive piece of technology.

And yeah, pretty bad ass too.


Thanks to This Device, You Can Cut Your Own Hair Without any of the Mockery


Whether it be the suspicious prices, the forced conversations (or awkward silences depending on your barber), or the odd social phenomena that is staring at yourself in a mirror while a stranger runs their fingers through your hair, men have plenty of reasons to not like going to get a haircut.

Much like the dentist though, it’s just one of those unpleasant things that you have to suck up and get through every once in a while, especially since the act of cutting your own hair is usually only associated with comically bad hairstyles and behind the back laughter.

However, in case you’ve forgotten, we do live in an age where everything that once was suddenly no longer has to be and, thanks to a little gizmo called the single handed barber, that may now include the stigma surrounding self-haircuts.

The single handed barber is an electric hand held rotary cutter that promises to give you a clean and even cut, with no more effort than it would take to comb your hair. Thanks to separate attachments, you can get cuts at 1/8”, 1/4”,1/2”, or 3/8” lengths, and the rechargeable battery works for five minutes with a 16 hour charge (though a plug in option is available).

While you probably won’t be able to use this device to fashion that mohawk you’ve always wanted, as long as you don’t mind trusting your hair to something that looks like the little cousin of a Roomba, the single handed barber might just be the perfect $60 solution for those times when you need a trim, and really want to skip the barber.


A Soap That, as Rocky Balboa Promised, Will Make You “Smeel Mainly”

If you’re like me, the rare occasion you have to buy bar soap is met without much enthusiasm or an extended thought process. Usually it’s the first one you see that says soap or, in a moment of misunderstood hesitation, the one I relate with the most recent/most humorous commercial I saw.

There’s at least one soap out there though that wants to remove the image of femininity from hand soap and make it a more exciting buying process for the average man.

That soap is called Man Hands, and they have a variety of uniquely scented soap bars available aimed at the average red-blooded male, offering a testosterone influenced alternative from the coconut and ocean breeze flooded market. While some scents are just bewildering (Republican and Democrat? Cash? Urinal Mint?), some are potentially appealing to more markets (Cannabis, Buttered Popcorn, and Incense), some are indeed right on target (Muscle Rub, Cedar Log Cabin, Topsoil, Baseball Glove, and of course Bacon). Each bar retails for $6.95 and can be found here.

Is this just a really stupid idea? Probably, yeah. But it’s pretty obvious by the product, and their descriptions, that this is an idea having a lot of fun with itself and asking the same of its consumers. Plus, who knows? In the mix might just be one or two winning scents that beat the hell out of Lavender,and you can never be in short supply of novelty gift ideas, which might just be the best use of this product.


Freefold Suit Carrier Allows Your Style to Travel

As Barney Stinson taught us, sometimes you just need to suit up.

You’ll rarely look better than you do in a suit, which is why it’s important for every man to own at least one good one. However, even after you purchase the perfect suit, you still have to maintain it. While reliable cleaners and some reasonable breathing space are usually more than enough to do so while at home, once you have to take it on the road, your prospects get trickier.

A proper dry cleaning bag, or even quality suitcase, goes a long way to helping you avoid wrinkles or worse, but if you really want to carry one in a style befitting the suit itself, you might want to consider the Freefold luggage system, from the creator of the also useful Suit Commute.

The main benefit of the Freefold lies in its portability. It weighs about 7 oz., can fit into any 25 liter carrier (most suitcases, luggage, and backpacks qualify) and allows you to safely store your pants, shirt, jacket, and tie using a simple set of folding instructions. From there you can move around with complete freedom without worry of your suit ever losing its fresh from the cleaners, original pristine form.

While the Freefold is only in its pre-production phase, it if works as well as it appears to, then it’s hard not to recommend one to anybody who has to take their suit on the road. Considering how it can fit into any reasonable space (no special luggage or accommodations required), it gains a leg up over most alternatives not just in long distance road or air travel, but also in the usual, everyday work commutes (especially if you ride a bike).

Also, it allows you to enter the front ready for a party, and leave out the back all business, should you so desire, essentially making this the anti-mullet.

And anything that’s the anti-mullet has to be good.