New Walkman Model Aims to be the Only Headphones You’ll Ever Need


The new trend in headphones seems to be turning them into all in one devices, and while it is a trend that is still developing and maturing, don’t tell that to Sony who’ve now unveiled a pair of headphones that just about maxes out the concept.

The newly unveiled Walkman WH series features a built in music player with 16 GB of storage (or 4 GB  for the lesser end WH303 model) and 20 hours of play through a fully charged battery. Furthering their independent music abilities, are the playback buttons on the side of the earphones that provide your basic track controls. A USB port for uploading music, as well as a traditional audio jack, round out the wearable headphone features.

The other big feature available for this model is the ability to turn use the speakers built into the headband. The idea of headphones that can be converted to speakers has been tried before with varying degrees of acceptance and success, but the use of Sony’s Xloud technology is an encouraging sign that this design may be the one to break the mold and provide an all in one alternative worth pursuing.

That’s going to be the general goal for this new model, as they aim to challenge the image of headphones just being headphones. While the unknown price of these models will be the largest determining factor in their validity, if Sony can make them work in three equally high quality ways you can expect these to draw some kind of consumer interest, and certainly a lot of industry attention, when they release.


The CURB Offers a Minimalist Solution for Laptop Overheating


As someone who often works on their laptop away from a desk, let me tell you that it doesn’t take long for the bottom of even a modern well-built one to get hotter than the fires of a thousand suns, and actually make you feel physically uncomfortable for some time after you use one. While there have always been cooling pads available, they can often get in the way, and sometimes feature breakdowns of their own.

A website known as Designed by M, known for their minimalist and innovative solutions to common tech problems, may have one for the overheating issue as well, with a little stand called the CURB, which lets you prop up your laptop and allow the internally designed fans of many models to function as they should.

It may not sound like much, but that’s actually kind of the point, as the CURB addresses the main issue with overheating (the lack of circulation) in the simplest way possible, while actually propping your computer in a more accessible position. The makers of the CURB perfected it until it was comfortable to use in any position, and made additions that include a couple of different angles it can work at, as well as a hole in the design that lets you run a cord through the middle and prevent it from getting in your way.

Available for pre-order at $12.99, this sounds like an ideal fix for laptop users who can’t take the heat, but it does remain to be seen just how effective and comfortable the CURB is when in use. Seeing as how this is the product of some serious development time, and working as described would be very welcome, even if you feel like holding off until some first impressions surface, keep the CURB in mind for its October release date.


French Fry Vending Machine….That is All

While there is some debate if we have the Belgians or the French to thank for the french fry, it’s an argument that’s now entirely irrelevant as the Belgians have recently perfected the food by creating a french fry vending machine.

Now unlike those crappy hot fries Andy Capp has been trying to pawn off on you for years, these vending machine fries are the real deal, as for about $3.40 you get a cup of crispy fries just like momma used to buy them from your favorite fast food joint, and even a complimentary squirt of mayonnaise or ketchup.

You may have some, very valid, questions concerning the quality of vending machine french fries, and some equally worrisome queries regarding how well vending machine condiments hold up, but frankly not wanting a cup of french fries and dipping sauce for under 4 bucks in about a minute and a half is simply un-American.

Of course for the moment this machine of wonder and fried joy is only available in Belgium, but if you think there is a chance a machine that dispenses cheap bad decisions for your supposed nourishment won’t be coming stateside, you simply haven’t been paying attention the last half century or so.


A New Way to Get Your Caffeine Fix Without Harshing Any Vibes


I regularly find myself grateful that caffeine is a socially acceptable addiction, as without the ability to consume it in its many forms throughout the course of the day I may just regularly snap on those around me for really no good reason at all.

Now I’m pretty classic when it comes to getting my fix, as a cup of black coffee (anything else is just sugar milk) usually does it, but I have given in to trendy caffeine injection systems like Red Bull and 5 Hour Energy when I’m looking to just really tweak out.

Undoubtedly the trendiest way to catch a ride on the caffeine dragon is currently being funded on indiegogo and goes by the name of Sprayable Energy (or “The Spray” as it’s called on the streets).

“The Spray” is a small bottle that produces a mist of 100% pure sweet lady caffeine. Simply spray yourself with it (2-4 is the recommended amount) and you’ll gain a sustained energy boost, supposedly free of the dreaded crash and other side effects. This is accomplished through the delivery system, as the spray allows caffeine to enter your body naturally, rather than the shock and awe method you get with energy drinks and the like.

Portable, handy, and apparently frighteningly effective, this looks like the perfect insta-boost delivery system for those night owls/students/hard workers of the world, but some questions do remain. For instance, if I spray an entire bottle on someone while they are sleeping, will I ensure that they are now up for days? In fact, are there any safeguards whatsoever to prevent this from being used as an offensive weapon for absolutely hilarious pranks?

I hope not, because while this is a questionable, but intriguing, way of caffeine delivery, it is a potentially unrivaled pranking device, which is what I’ll be using it for should I invest in the $15 asking price required for a bottle on the funding page.


Charge Your Batteries Through Your USB Port With This New Design


Fewer and fewer devices in our life rely on batteries, but they are still prominent enough to insure that every now and then, you’ll fumble through your things looking for that final set of AA’s you are sure you had, and juggling between the ones in the Xbox controller and the TV controller as needed.

Rechargable batteries have been around for years to prevent scenarios just like those, and while they’re impressive technology in their own right, the classic rechargeable set up doesn’t quite feel up to speed with the modern tech world, and looks out of place in any home, not to mention the inconvenience it puts on travelers.

There is a design out there for a AA battery that looks to alleviate the modern issues with rechargeable batteries, by outfitting a standard AA battery with a USB plug-in. The set up would allow you to plug the battery into any USB port, and recharge it without any additional equipment required. Even better, the battery itself doubles as a 4GB USB flash drive for additional file storage.

Perfectly built for traveling, or really any use, this is not an idea without precedent, but it’s never looked more effective than it does with this design. Unfortunately it is just a design at the moment, and any plans past that concept are just that.

The inventor, Wonchul Hwang, sounds committed to making this concept work though, which is perfect, as so long as this device’s price doesn’t break the bank, everyone is going to want a couple of these around.