Ford’s Looking to Make Driving Music Social With “Just Play”

Living in New York, I’ve made the increasingly necessary decision to never, ever own a car while in the city. As such I rely on walking and public transportation to get around. It’s certainly an ok option, but I miss driving around on a quiet night with some good friends and just listening to music. While an iPod is nice to have during my commute, there is no music listening experience (outside of a good concert of course) that can recreate how much fun it is to listen to music in the car.

Well unfortunately for lowly pedestrians like me, Ford is now looking to make that experience even better. They call the feature “Just Play” and it was created during the 24 hour “hackathon” at the Facebook campus. Just Play works with Ford’s voice activated Sync feature, and allows you to connect with your smartphone and Facebook app to share music with your friends. So whatever they are listening to, you can listen to as well and vice versa. Ford themselves acknowledge that it’s a “simple idea”, but there is some potential for this to incorporate other applications like Spotify and Pandora to create a driving music community experience that hasn’t really been around since the hey-day of rock on the radio.

Plus it just sound like fun.


Ford MyKey Takes Parental Monitoring to New Heights

The Ford MyKey.Ford’s MyKey is really no new technology. We’ve had programmable keys for some time now, allowing drivers to store their seat position, favorite radio stations, mirror angles, and so on. The MyKey simply adds to the list of stored features (and restricts a few of them).

Aimed at parents with teenage drivers, MyKey functions by limiting radio functions and alerting young drivers to excessive speeding. A warning sound chimes in when you hit speeds of 45, 55, and 65 and your radio won’t work unless your belt is buckled. MyKey also limits radio to half-volume so the kiddies can focus on their driving, not on their Fall Out Boy.

Luckily I don’t have any kids, let alone kids close to driving. Even if I did, though, you’d never see them with one of these things. I understand the importance of safe driving without distraction, especially for teens. Enforcing it like this though? Yeesh. Makes my skin crawl.

Source: Ubergizmo