This Quick Draw iPhone Device is inspired by “Taxi Driver”, Designed by Insanity

When I saw “Taxi Driver” for the first time, I was too young to fully comprehend, and appreciate, the incredible characters, biting social commentary, or tightly structured plot. What I did take away from Scorsese’s second best movie (first is “Goodfellas”, naturally) is the sheer coolness of those spring loaded, sleeve hidden gun launchers that main character Travis Bickle wielded.

Of course, like all great over the top movie inventions, someone will eventually find a way to incorporate them into our everyday lives. Those hidden gun launchers are no exception, but even still I found the manner in which inventor Showta Mori worked that technology into the real world to be…a bit odd, as he demonstrates in this gut bustlingly hilarious video.

Not only is that device that can shoot your phone, via forearm pressure, into your hands from your sleeve stupendously moronic, entirely superfluous, and even irresponsibly hazardous, it’s also completely awesome and on sale via the inventor’s Etsy shop, where it retails for about $80 and is compatible with the iPhone 4, 4S, and 5.

Before you completely dismiss the validity of this device, be sure to consider that in an increasingly pop culture obsessed world that is already way too in love with their smartphones, and value any device that will allow them to use them with minimal physical effort, this device could, against all odds, actually make a sale or two.

Of course, if you do buy one, you are required to occasionally pop your phone into your hands and answer it by saying, “Are you talking to me?

Because I Don’t See Anyone Else Around


Etsy founder Rob Kalin resumes control

Etsy founder Rob Kalin.Etsy founder Rob Kalin wrote in a blog post today that he will resume his position as CEO of the handmade site as the company has started to turn a profit. Etsy’s current CEO, Maria Thomas, who came to the site from NPR to help it make some money, will be headed for greener pastures.

Etsy’s not just turning a profit now, it’s blowing up. The site has grown from more than $100 million in sales in 2008 and 1.7 million unique US visitors to nearly $200 million in sales and 3.4 million unique US visitors. Worldwide the site gets some 11 million unique visitors per month.

As young as Kalin is, a lot of people wondered if he would be looking for another CEO. He responded to TechCrunch saying, “I’ll be CEO as long as it’s good for Etsy.” Now that the site is making some money, and has some potential for ad revenue, I’d say Kalin should be fine.