13 year-old racks up over $21,000 in wireless charges

Verizon data plans.It’s hard to say who to blame for this one. On the one hand, I want to scream at Ted Estarija for not explaining the idea of data charges to his 13 year-old son. Not everyone is as tech savvy as you and me, though. On the other, you have to wonder why no one at Verizon noticed the sudden surge on the account – from zero data to 1.4GB in a month.

Whoever you blame, Ted Estarija still got slapped with a $21,917 bill for the server traffic. In a rare show of understanding, Verizon waived the entire bill. The lesson in all of this? Buy a data plan. That $15/month looks pretty great next to $21,917.

Source: AP


iPhone Safari bug could bury you in fees

iPhone fees could bury you.The iPhone is mostly dummy-proof, at least in the sense that you won’t find yourself accruing hundreds of dollars in fees because you stumbled on a bug in the mobile version of Safari. Or so I thought. As it turns out that very thing is possible, and not all that hard to pull off.

As I’m sure you know, Apple allows very few apps to run in the background on the iPhone. The iPod is one, but you might not be aware that Safari is another. Safari will continue to stream data from some web pages even while the app is “closed.” It can be extremely useful for playing internet radio stations that don’t have their own apps, but in the case of motion-jpegs, a filetype used for things like cam feeds, the user might not know the app is still streaming content, and potentially racking up some crazy data charges.

Obviously there are some pretty specific circumstances surrounding this problem. For one, you’d have to be in data roaming or traveling or somehow or another not on an unlimited plan. That’s not something we’ll see stateside too often. If you were caught in that situation, though, it would be pretty easy to generate a grand or two in overage fees I’m sure.

Luckily the solution is as simple as the problem. Just make sure you close any pages with auto-refreshing content if you’re worried about it.

Source: MobileCrunch