Because Absurdity and Ability Don’t Always Hang Out With Common Sense, Here’s a Baby Stroller for Men


Full disclosure. This baby carriage does not exist in any retail form, and sadly is not likely to anytime soon.

Instead it is the result of a group polling of fathers by the ŠKODA car company, where it was revealed that dads would be much more willing to push their babies around in strollers if it weren’t for the fact that it was just so unmanly.

Of course when asked what would make the average stroller manlier, the dads responded with suggestions straight out of your standard episode of “Home Improvement.” Among them were a more muscular design, large wheels, hydraulic suspension, and brakes lights, since when you’re pushing your baby boy or girl like a bat out of hell, you naturally need to consider safety.

While anyone else would have treated this as “guy talk,” ŠKODA took it as a challenge and designed a prototype built to those requested specifications, as it comes decked out with 20 inch all terrain tires, suspension, brake lights, and even high-beam headlamps. They call it the “Man-Pram.”

Sure it was mostly done as a stunt for the recent ad campaign for ŠKODA’s new car, but it also serves as a physical embodiment of the old saying that you should be careful what you wish for, as this stroller shows that while some things sound awesome over a couple of beers and punctuated by high fives, when you actually see the end result, you realize that some things are best left practical and…

Oh who am I kidding. Slap a lawnmower engine on this puppy, ship it stateside, and you’ll have to start a waiting list just to handle the demand.


If the Word Useless Were a Concept Vehicle…

Photo From Hyundai

It’s a known fact that the more rich you are, the more eccentric you are allowed to be in the eyes of society. As such, if you are a multi-billion dollar corporation, as a collective entity you’re allowed to be pretty damn unconventional from time to time, so long as that bottom line is in the black.

I mention this since the rationale “because we can” seems to be the only reason behind Hyundai’s recent one person transportation vehicle prototype.

They call it the E4U, and it’s designed for…you know I’m really not sure. I can tell you it can move in any direction, but only in an omni-directional manner, thanks to its kickstand style wheel substitutes. Also it’s apparently not much faster than the average pedestrian, which is really for the best considering the view of one of these rocketing towards you is probably a declaration of war somehow.

Unveiled at the Seoul  motorshow, details about this transport device are few, including if it will ever see release and what combination of hallucinogens and uppers were taken that allowed the E4U to be conceptualized and produced, without killing everyone involved.

Since we know so little about it, I have a few personal questions that need answering:

  • Why is its brow furrowed? Has it anticipated our mockery and is displeased?
  • Are there any features that prevent neighborhood kids from pushing it over, or turning it in the opposite direction, besides their inability to stop laughing?
  • Can Hyundai build the Death Star they got the rider’s helmets from instead?
  • Is its inability to be operated by the obese intentional, or just a gross marketing oversight?
  • Finally, in a pinch, can I duck into this thing to shield myself from Mega Man’s blasts?