How to Take Care of Leather Seats


Leather seats are attractive to look at and very comfortable to sit in. Not only that, during hot weather, they absorb perspiration whereas vinyl seats trap it. No wonder leather seats are so popular. But, leather requires maintenance to remain in good shape. The problem is that leather is organic, they are literally the skins of animals and, as a result, can deteriorate over time. As a result, if you have leather seats, it is recommended you clean and condition them frequently. Here’s how to do it:

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About Weird Features in Old Cars


Cars made many decades ago had some of the weirdest features in or on them. Read on to learn about seven of them! Enjoy!

1) Horse Head
Cars battled with horses as a popular means of transportation in the early days of cars, and there were some problems. Horses were frightened when a car approached because they didn’t know what cars were. In the late 1890s, Uriah Smith developed a perfect solution – a fake horse head. The idea was that cars would absolutely have to have his “Horsey Horseless” fake horse head attached to the front of the vehicle and that would calm skittish horses. Unfortunately, this never actually happened.

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Theoretical Driving System Allows for X-Ray Like Abilities


While you’ve probably thought before that it’s a tremendous annoyance when you get stuck behind a slow, large vehicle unable to pass because you can see anything around it, it’s likely you’ve never really thought there would be a technical solution to this common problem outside of the “Smokey and the Bandit” technique of ducking in and out of the opposing lane to see if it’s clear.

Now that I’ve successfully fulfilled my personal “Smokey and the Bandit” reference quota for the day (*fist pump*) let me introduce you to a device from our friends in Portugal that offers perhaps the most exciting solution to this problem ever presented.

Basically its a two part camera system that sees the actual camera attached to the front of large vehicles such as buses and trucks, while a small LCD screen on the drivers’ inner windshield shows a feed of the camera. When combined, and in the proper position, this produces an effect that allows you to essentially look through the vehicle in front of you, taking all of the guess work (and extreme risk) out of passing a larger vehicle.

Obviously considering the cooperation required from both large vehicles (especially in the private sector) and the cooperation of car manufacturer’s in terms of allowing for the LCD tech when designing new models, a system like this may not be the most practical of solutions to the issue, and if it ever does see the light of day, will likely be implemented in very select doses.

Much like Kate Upton though, the fact you’ll likely never actually interact with something so beautiful, should in no way discourage you from getting excited about the remote possibility, or just appreciating how amazing it is that something so incredible exists in the world.


6 Most Innovative Automobile Gadgets Introduced in the Past Decade

Newer car features not only make driving safer, but allow modern conveniences to drivers. Car makers are eliminating many of the common distractions for drivers, making the road safer for everyone.

1. Automatic Parallel Parking

2012 Ford Focus interior

Before this innovative feature, people would drive laps around the block to avoid parallel parking spots. Now, drivers can’t wait to slide into a parallel parking spot on a busy downtown street. With the click of a button your car can size up the spot’s perimeters, start rotating your wheel, and make you look like a parking champion.

2. Automatic Brakes

The world is a better place now that many new cars have automatic brakes. By detecting danger in the form of another car, a person, or a road obstruction, these brake-systems keep drivers and passengers safe. Automatic brakes detect danger through a variety of sensors including radars, video, infrared, and ultrasonic technologies. With this feature, fewer rear-ends are in the future.

3. Phone Integration

This feature creates safer, less distracted drivers. By allowing drivers to talk on their phones, hands-free, the roads are safer. Smartphones are able to synch with audio systems in cars, so that the speaker phone is activated through the audio. Microphones are installed in the audio systems so drivers don’t need to find their phones to answer a phone call. The phone just needs to be somewhere in the car.
Even newer to cars, a texting function allows you have texts read to you by a computer, and reply to the texts with voice activation. This feature is becoming so popular that you can probably even find it in cars on buy here pay here car lots. Convenient will become the most popular word in your vocabulary.

4. Start/Stop Technology

This technology is smart enough to cut off the engine when your car is in idle and automatically start it back up when you begin to move, saving your car’s fuel. Perfect for heavy traffic or catching long red lights, this feature won’t let your car waste fuel when you’re sitting stationary. You’ll be saving the environment and your money with this start/stop technology.

5. Pushbutton Gear Selector

Freeing up center console space, this feature allows the driver to select gears with the touch of a button. Park, reverse, drive, or put your car in neutral with these buttons. Found in some cars from the sixties, this retro-feature is making its way back into cars. You won’t have to worry about gear shifts rusting or sticking when you’re trying to put your car into gears.

6. Intelligent Crash Response System

Instead of a voice clicking on asking you if you’re safe after a car accident, this crash response system automatically unlocks your doors, disconnects the battery terminal from the alternator cable, shuts off the fuel supply, and turns on the warning hazards and interior lights. Found standard in several Volkswagens, this system focuses on safety, even after an accident occurs.

As technology advances, safety measures advance making driving safer for everyone involved. Being a distracted driver is not possible these pioneering automobile features.


Enhance Your Daily Rock Out With the Smack Attack

Have you ever beat your hands on the steering wheel in rhythm with the radio?

I’m guessing the answer is likely yes. Hell, so many people have done it that it’s quite possible Neal Peart drum solos are the cause of more driving distractions than cell phone use.

Of course as fun as the act is, ultimately it is all for naught as you can beat the imaginary skins to your heart’s content, and it’s still just a steering wheel you’re hitting. Eventually, even the most bombastic of automotive percussionist are ultimately contributing nothing to the music.

You can change all of that though by purchasing a device patented as “Re-Inventing the Wheel” (or RITW), but commonly referred to by the manufacturer as the smack attack.

The smack attack turns your steering wheel into a digital drum set, capable of kit accurate sounds by connecting to your iPhone via bluetooth. What makes this more than a high tech car wash waiting room novelty item though is a list of features that include a variety of available sounds and ranges, a drum karaoke option that removes the drums from certain songs (and lets you upload tracks to do the same) so that you can fill in the beat, and you’re even able to record your best performances for all to hear through regular contests on the manufacturer’s website.

Of course, abilities aside, the real joy here comes in being able to finally get some feedback from your drive time drumming, and really contribute to the commuter concerto that most partake in. While I’m still holding out for a device that will give me concert hall acoustics in the shower, the smack attack is a must have for all those 9-5 workers of the world who still harbor rock star dreams.